Jul 24 2013

Jeremy Says – Welcome to Shantytown Harrow

jeremy_zeid3Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, the Council, Planning department and developers outdo themselves in demonstrating their complete and utter contempt for Harrow residents, businesses and clients.

Between the Visigoths of Harrow’s “planning”department and Philistine and Morons on committees past and present, with no sense of style and seemingly incapable, unwilling or incompetent at stopping rotten developments, they are foisting what can only be described as overcrowded future-slums, rat-holes, onto the residents of this borough? Is it just plain arrogance, or is there something in the water at the Civic Centre?

The jerry-built slum in Wealdstone near MacDonalds, the raft of weirdly shaped constructions just being completed on George Gange Way and that other impractical cell-block with barred gates, odd shaped pointed rooms and curved walls opposite the Civic Centre are sadly indicative. Would our so-called “worthies” live in them?? Probably not, but it’s OK for the proles, innit! They’ll take what they’re given! Even RAF Stanmore Park is
overdeveloped with strange shaped buildings, undersized flats in very high Tax Bands, and of course stupidly narrow roads. There is even the possibility of vast numbers of expensive ratholes being built on Stanmore
Station Car-park, increasing congestion on side roads and making access to the Station almost impossible.

And now, the spectre of 177 “sustainable”, overpriced, undersized, poorly lit, badly ventilated, restricted escape, firetrap, rathole-slums being squeezed onto the Bradstowe House site instead of the original 142 that were
mooted. How the hell was that passed?? But let’s not forget the proposed development of yet more undersized slums on the Gayton Road Car-park and part of the Car-park on Greenhill Way. Has no-one learned anything from that other poorly constructed “sustainable” disaster over the road, Trident Point?? Has nobody learned that lack of parking means dead shops?? We have idiots in charge.

Why is it that other boroughs such as Brent and Barnet can get it right, while Harrow systematically and spectacularly fails, seemingly determined to turn our leafy borough into an overcrowded shanty-town. What is the point in crowing about “funding” for 3000 more school places, but no schools in which to put them and nowhere to put a school? I am worried for our parks and our remaining car parks. No doubt some wag will blame the “cuts”.

But it’s a numbers game, maximum profit for poor product with a nice little earner for the Council with a lump of Council Tax to be scammed from each new inmate, state “funding” for each child living or born into one of these
dwellings and of course “parking permits” and penalties, Luvverly Jubberly…

In the meantime, the £2millionrepaving of St Ann’s road continues, the area turned into a business damaging maze without an end in sight. The assault on our High Streets and businesses continues with the shock closure of the Inn Shops in Wealdstone and several destroyed livelihoods and jobs. I predict that it will also become a block of undersized ratholes to accommodate Harrow’s growing population.

With shops and local businesses being summarily shafted by greedy and unscrupulous landlords and the Council, job opportunities are dwindling and one has to wonder what the agenda is, unless it is for a growing population of centrally funded benefit supplicants and an ever bloating and intrusive Civic Centre bureaucracy to back it up and provide jobs funded by a shrinking private sector or government borrowing.

I predicted many years ago that Wealdstone in particular was being deliberately run-down so that it could be redeveloped for cheap/subsidised housing, an island-site on the cheap as the decent shops are killed off, customers leave and property prices stagnate. Come to shantytown Harrow, the new suburban favella.

Jeremy Zeid
Chairman, Harrow UKIP

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  1. John Clement

    Harrow is already overcrowded. We want more amenities and less people. Not the other way round.

  2. ricky123

    I predict lidl to be built on the inn shop site

  3. Praxis Reform

    I predict more high-density housing, with little or no car parking provision. After all, we’re getting 31 apartments and a shop (presumably a similar combination to that seen with the Costcutter opposite the Civic Centre), where The Case is Altered pub used to be – whether we like it or not.

    Now, I agree with Mr Zeid that much of Harrow and especially Wealdstone really has become a slum. Heck, I forget how long I’ve been pointing out that with about one shop in every seven closed, two derelict landmark pubs at either end of the High Street and the indoor market shutting down so abruptly, the area desperately needs improvement, especially since even the Police are afraid of going into the area after dark.

    Depressingly, even Wealdstone’s own Councillors seem to have given up on the area too:
    We’ve heard nothing from Cllr. Keith Ferry (former Planning and Regeneration Portfolio Holder)
    Not a peep from Cllr. Phillip “Champagne” O’Dell (former Environment & Community Safety Portfolio Holder)
    Complete silence from Councillor Rekha Shah (Wife of London Assembly Member Navin Shah)

    With such high powered and experienced Councillors, I am completely mystified as to why they won’t stand up for the people living or working in Wealdstone… To my mind this is just showing contempt for Wealdstone residents and a complete abuse of democracy, so I would recommend that people write to those Councillors constituency party and ask to have them deselected.

    The address you need is:

    Harrow East Labour Party,
    20 Byron Road,
    HA3 7ST

    Spleen freshly vented, I’m going to surprise everyone now by sticking up for the Council, for the following two reasons:

    Firstly, the increase in Harrow’s population over the coming years is set out in “the London Plan”, which has been laid down by the Mayor’s Office. You’d think London Assembly Member Navin Shah would be making more noise about this, but if Wealdstone’s Councillors won’t talk to us, what chance have we got with a big cheese like Navin Shah?

    Secondly, those “rathole-slums” will be compliant with standards set down by the Homes & Communities Agency, so even if Harrow’s planning department hates them with vengeance, they can’t do anything to force the Developer to make them bigger… The Developer of course will always try to fit a quart into a pint pot, and point out that they are complying with the minimum legal standard – which is how the developments get passed.

    Interestingly, the Homes & Communities Agency is part of the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), and I’m sure you all know that Bob Blackman,MP is a member of the DCLG Select Committee – But has kept very quiet about weirdly shaped constructions in Harrow or the standards to which they are built.

    Certainly, there’s much more that the Council could do, with respect to attracting businesses and shoppers to Harrow, but instead it only seems to know hike up car park charges, raise council taxes, try to palm off park maintenance to civically minded residents, then give the members a pat on the back and a bonus.

  4. j p hobbs

    More immigrants will be housed in these apartments and flats with rents of around £ 1000 + a month this will be picked up by Harrow Council as has been happening for many years many of them will be collecting benefits whilst some of the males will be mini cabbing by moonlight as is happening a couple of hundred yards from my door , we will have more of these ladies pushing their expensive twin buggies around the place with a bun in the oven . People wonder why the country is bust and in free fall , how many years have we been telling the idiots ruining the country instead of running it .
    Yes the worms are turning all we need is a good leader , not this lot milking the country dry .
    The coming election will shake a lot of people . SOS …..There I have said it and feel much better now . jp

  5. ricky123

    I still predict Lidl will go to the inn shop site

  6. j p hobbs

    The Civic centre would make a good Lidl Then Mick and Andy can start charging a massive parking fee, can anyone tell me is it true an American firm Capita runs the Civic Centre and probably all of HARROW ? Don’t forget HARROW SCREWSDRIVERS . a sticker and tee shirt to follow . just give me a price . PLEASE .

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