Jun 07 2015

Jeremy Zeid on the “Visitor Persecution Zone” in Harrow


Having been invited to a wedding party in Kenton East, I now know what Labour intends for Harrow Residents.

In their zeal for “revenue”, no doubt because of the “cuts”; you cannot park anywhere in the side streets along Honeypot Lane. Now, I can fully understand this during the day, but why does the Car and Visitor Persecution Zone extend from 6am to Midnight, SEVEN DAYS a week 365 days of the year?

This draconian imposition by the Labour Municipal Mafiosi means that residents, unless they pay their “protection money”, cannot park outside their own homes, cannot have an impromptu visitor, likewise a tradesman, cannot have the family over for lunch, a carer visit, or even mourners attend a bereavement without purchasing “visitor permits” (strictly limited numbers per household). You can be absolutely certain that this area is seen as a “soft target”, a ripe plum for the marauding Traffic Enforcement Goon Squad looking to make up their “targets” for issuing £60 “penalties”, and the slew of bullying Council letters, draconian costs and threats to steal residents’ cars that follow. What is it with Labour and Harrow Council that they cannot allow householders one day, the weekend or even a public holiday off of this extortion? The “Party of the People”, Labour, really do think that we exist to service the Council and its malignant bureaucrats’ as opposed to the other way around.

So what are Labour’s and our malignant bureaucrats’ excuses for this monstrous exercise in isolating and hammering residents, because I cannot think of one? Queensbury station is too far away for commuter parking. The trading estate over the road and even the pub has loads of free parking, so no problems from there. The presence of The Barnet FC Hive cannot explain this, not even the local schools: It appears that without a “permit”, even Christmas Dinner with the family visiting without paying the Harrow Hoodlums for the privilege, is off the menu, never satisfied until they control or make you pay for every aspect of our existences.

One would think that as Kenton-East has some serious deprivation, many of the roads resembling a film-set for the moon’s surface, and is one of Labour’s main wards that they’d wish to look after their residents. Apparently not, gambling, rightly it seems that bovine Labour voters will fall for the same old lies and codswallop and keep voting for them. Simple one-hour and event-day “curfews” would’ve stopped all day parking. For a supposedly “compassionate” party that has talked of tackling isolation and loneliness, surely it is now time to name and shame the sick minds that came up with this atrocity. Step forward Cllr Phil O’Dell as perpetrator, and Cllrs, Green, Shah and Dattani, who seem to be doing nothing sort this out, and not even a squeak from (dis)Assemblyman Navin Shah. No doubt Labour will point to the rigged “consultation” which ran over a very short period, gave few if any options and attracted the usual low turnout. I will be running another real consultation, and let’s see what the result is this time.

There is however one possible ray of hope, a piece of poetic justice, that when Labour campaign in the area, their activists, hopefully high profile ones, get ticketed for the privilege and chased by the Municipal Mafiosi, in Harrow’s usual caring and compassionate way, for payment.

Anyway, to cut a short story long; leaving the car at home to get to the wedding party from my home would take two buses, a long time, and a long walk and as it finished long after midnight, a very long walk or an expensive cab home carrying expensive equipment. I had to park several hundred yards away as did all of the other celebrants. I won’t be visiting the area again. Welcome to Labour Harrow but don’t forget to pay for
permission, better still, keep away.

Jeremy Zeid


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  1. Marcello Borgese

    Sadly, you speak the truth JZ. It’s as if Labour doesn’t want anyone to go anywhere. I’ve mentioned before on this forum that I have stopped going into Harrow and now spend my money elsewhere because drivers are made to feel very unwelcome.

    I think you meant ‘ovine Labour voters’, not ‘bovine’. Bovine is cow, ovine is sheep. However, remember that actually more people voted Tory last year. New voting system anyone?

    Next week Islington Council will impose a surcharge (tax to you and me) on people for the heinous crime of owning a diesel vehicle. What? How dare anyone own a diesel? What’s wrong with a steam engine to get to work in or a Penny-farthing to take your family out for a day?

    Now I would like to buy a new car to replace my reliable but aging SUV and I’m considering diesel as it’s far more fuel-efficient and VED pricing has deliberately encouraged the adoption of diesel-engine cars. But I’m concerned that Harrow Labour will copy Islington Labour and slap a tax on diesel engine cars so I am delaying my purchase indefinitely.

    Well done Labour! You really know how to boost the economy and improve peoples’ lives, don’t you.

  2. Jeremy Al-Zeid bin Wheelie

    Thanks Marcello. I did mean bovine, Labour voting cattle.

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