May 30 2011

AA Cladding – Closing Down

Looks like the current trading conditions have hit another business in the Northolt Road.  We’re just guessing, of course, but AA Cladding – purveyor of glass, mirrors, windows, picture frames, keys and locks – seems to be the latest victim – this is what the shop at 260 Northolt Road looks like today.

We could, of course be wrong – it could just be any number of reasons – but it’s always a shame to l0se one of the long-time traders on Northolt Road.  Older residents will recall the long succession of shops up and down the road which have packed up and gone, and there was once, of course, nothing that you couldn’t buy on the Northolt Road.  Now, it’s much like any other high street in any other town – except for the oddly high number of barber shops here!

We also hear rumours of another long-time trader looking for the way out, and we’ll cover that in another article this week once we’ve got more details.

If you want your local shops to survive, the only thing you need to do is to use them.  We’ve lost Bowmans – and where can you buy buttons around here now? – and we’ve lost Harrow Electrical, which is now an opticians.  Woolworths, of course, is another name consigned to to the annals of history, and I’m sure anyone can name one or two more.

Your local trader might cost a little more, and he might have slightly fewer variety of goods than the large chains, but he’s local, he’s easy to get to, and he supports – just by trading here – the local community.  And he also knows what he’s talking about when you ask him a questions – not many of the large chains can say that!

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