Jul 20 2011

M2M Community Solicitors in South Harrow

If you attended the SHARRA Quarterly General Meeting this week (and if not, why not…?), you’ll have heard an interesting presentation by Marie Quinn of M2M Community Solicitors, who are based here in South Harrow. An extract from their website:

M2M Community Solicitors LLP are a community based solicitors firm as a large proportion of the areas of law we cover are community based. We do take on Legal Aid matters in debt, housing and welfare benefits.

We provide free initial advice in all areas of law that we cover and basic general advice in many other areas. We will refer clients to other organisations if we do not have the capacity to take on files and work on them to the highest quality. This is because quality of work is important to us.

We do not charge clients for advice and assistance if they are facing debt matters, housing matters (where in relation to possession proceedings) and most benefit cases. With regards to the other areas of law we cover, we do have fees but they can be discounted based on the amount of our client’s income. If eligible for free legal advice under the Legal Help and Help at Court Scheme we can take on cases in Debt, Housing and Welfare Benefits as our main areas and can provide advice in other areas such as employment and consumer law. For those who do not qualify for free legal help and assistance, we will look at their income and advice as to our charges. The lower the income, the lower our charges will be however, we will require proof of income in the form of recent account statements, benefits entitlement letters and latest payslips.

All legal advice will be given in plain English rather than legal jargon, as far as possible, as it is essential to us that all clients understand their case and the advice that we provide.

If you want to book an appointment, and take advantage of the initial free 20-minute consultation, call 020 8938 4611, or visit their website.


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