May 30 2011

Stanton’s Fruit & Veg Shop – up for sale?

Another piece of news doing the rounds right now is that Stanton’s Fruit and Vegetable shop, is up for sale, due to the poor trading conditions in and around South Harrow. ¬†Interestingly, this isn’t apparently because of the ‘big boy’ supermarkets undercutting them, but because “…the owners are finding it impossible to compete with the plethora of adhoc fuit and veg in a bowl stalls set up outside just about every other grocery or off licence shop on Northolt Road,” according to an email we received earlier today.

The email continued “None of these stalls offer the quality or variety of Stantons. Ironically Northolt road has no end of fast food shops and takeaway shops, as well as an off licence selling booze into the early hours. Social deprivation here we come!”

It’s always sad to see long-established traders disappear, and I’d always used Stanton’s for my annual Christmas Tree – mainly, it has to be said, because they’re local, but also because they offered free delivery, and a car full of pine needles is one problem everyone can do without.

That said, and once you start to think about it, there do seem to be a lot of shops selling fruit and vegetables by the bowl along the Northolt Road, and this wasn’t something that had particularly struck me as an issue, until I’d looked out for it earlier today. However, it is interesting that it is these shops that are competing with an established greengrocers, and not the Asda, Sainsbury and Waitrose type stores.

If you’re the owner of Stanton’s, or have more details to share, let us know in the comments, below.


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