May 23 2013

Navin Says: Terrorist Act in Woolwich

navin_shah2Like all peace loving, fair minded people I’m shocked and horrified with the terrorist act in Woolwich. I condemn this heinous and barbaric crime which is no more than an act of public execution – never seen before on the streets of London and I’m ashamed of it. London has one of the best police forces in the world and I’m confident that we will have facts before us to give us a full and true picture about this barbaric incident and ensure that the perpetrators bear the full force of the law.

Words fail me to express my anger and shock of such a gruesome act happening in London which is a home for diverse communities of different races, faiths and origins. In hard times like these our resolve fore peace and unity is tested the most. I urge our communities in Harrow to stay calm and maintain the respect and trust between communities we have nurtured over the years and continue to fight against all forms of terrorism no matter who the perpetrators are. My prayers are with the fallen soldier, his family and together we must continue to work to drive out such evil acts against humanity.

Cllr Navin Shah AM
Assembly Member for Brent and Harrow

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  1. Jeremy Zeid UKIP Harrow

    Never seen before on the streets of London??? Remember PC Blakelock, butchered by racially motivated thugs.

    I completely agree that this should never happen again. Why did yhe police pussyfoot around leaving brave women to deal with situation? And its NOTHING to do with the “cuts”. I remember the police not helping women bleeding to death because of the “risk”.

    Condolences to the soldier’s family. It’s a shame that God didn’t step in.

  2. Praxis Reform

    Any sort of terror act should be condemned and punished, no matter where it originates from or what it’s supposed to achieve. Furthermore, the same should be meted out to those involved in the reprisal attacks against Mosques in London.

    We’ve seen several terrorist attacks over recent years that stem from fundamentalist Moslems, and what always surprises me is the silence from the Islamic community afterwards.

    After each attack, the TV news will show endless comment by experts in terrorism, hand-wringing by Politicians, repeats of horrible aftermath footage, and yet no comment from the UK’s Imams or Islamic scholars.

    By way of comparison, somewhere between one and two million people (depending upon whether you prefer the Police’s figure or the BBC’s figure) marched through London protesting against the second Gulf war.

    As one of London’s most multi-cultural boroughs, perhaps the Harrow Mosque could join together with other Mosques across London, and lead public condemnation of the disgusting actions of the criminals that killed Drummer Lee Rigby, and to completely disassociate the Islamic religions from zealots condoning the idea that it’s acceptable to commit any sort of misdemeanour against people not sharing Moslem beliefs.

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