Jun 15 2012

Fake Thermometers Seized in Harrow

Following a disturbing case where parents of a young leukaemia sufferer were forced to rush their child to hospital for urgent care despite an apparently normal temperature reading, the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) have seized more than 400 fake thermometers in raids across Harrow and Oxford.

The incident came to light when the child was noticed as suffering a high temperature, despite the thermometer – bought on the internet – showing a normal reading.

The raids are aimed to prevent medical devices, such as this, being sold cheaply on internet auction sites, often below market value. They may have no recognised brand name, and often lack the required safety instructions and warnings.

There should be a batch identification number, CE mark and a four-digit identity number to show it has been safely assessed.

Chemist chain Boots, for example,  sells digital thermometers for around £5 – £6 and digital ear thermometers for around £25. If you’re paying substantially less than this for a thermometer, you probably need to ask yourself why it’s so cheap.

Anyone with a faulty device is urged to contact the MHRA’s adverse incident hotline on 020 3080 6080 or go to the website at www.mhra.gov.uk.

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