Feb 27 2012

Harrow Camping & Caravan Park in Headstone Lane?

There’s much noise in the local press this week over plans for a Camping and Caravan site in Harrow, to be sited at the Broadfields Country Club in Headstone Lane. The initial plans are for a 2.2 hectare (about 5.5 acre) site for upto about 75 caravan and tent pitches.

Most of the complainants to the local papers seem to be worried about it either turning into another Dale Farm, or have concerns about additional traffic, crime and noise.

As Caravan Times notes, “Lamont Planning Associates, acting on behalf of the club, has submitted an enquiry to Harrow Council which will judge what environmental considerations need to be considered, but no firm plans have been drawn up yet.”

Meanwhile, the Harrow Observer says that Richard Gabriel, the majority shareholder in Harrow Community Sports – the owner of the land – is seeking a return on the £3million he has invested over 20 years in the largely loss-making venture.

It’s reported that this site could be both a  Caravan Club and a Camping and Caravanning Club site which would add an air of respectability to the venture.

With the Olympics fast approaching, it would be nice if this could be sorted out in time for that, given the rocketing hotel rates in and around London for later on this year. Harrow currently has no camp sites, and, indeed, this may well be one of the most central to London, after Tent City in Acton closed some years ago.

Source: Harrow Observer, Caravan Times.


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