Jun 30 2012

Hosepipe Ban Still in Force in Harrow – June 22, 2012

Following a lot of searches on the current status of the hosepipe ban in Harrow, we can bring you this update from Veolia Water, published in June 22, 2012:

We are in drought and a temporary use ban remains in place.

A temporary use ban, restricting water-use through a hosepipe, is in place for Veolia Water domestic and some types of commercial customers.This is enabling us to safeguard water supplies for the future. Hosepipes use around 1,000 litres of water an hour, so restricting their use is one of the most effective ways to conserve water.

The temporary use ban has helped to reduce demand and conserve our water resources and we would like to thank our customers for their incredible support.

The significant rainfall since April and the reduced demand for water due to the hosepipe ban, has resulted in the first positive recharge of groundwater for over a year in the underground aquifers, from which Veolia Water takes most of its water.

We are in drought and a temporary use ban remains in place.

The level of recharge achieved so far has not been sufficient to restore groundwater resources to normal levels, but has been sufficient to allow for a limited relaxation of the exceptions for businesses (see section below) affected by the drought, so we can help safeguard livelihoods.

Unfortunately at present, we cannot relax the temporary use ban further, as we need to conserve our supplies to prepare for the possibility of a third dry autumn and winter.

We do not want to keep the ban on longer than we have to and the situation is under constant review.

Source: Veolia Water

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