Jul 09 2011

Kids in Harrow are great savers!

The Halifax have conducted some research which shows that children in Harrow have the fourth-highest average savings balance in the UK.

The top savers are in Harpenden, with an average of £3046 in their accounts, followed by Uxbridge at £2251, Edgware at £2230 and then Harrow at £2149.

Girls and boys broadly save the same amount, on average, although some cities show girls save more, in other cities, they might save less – overall, and across the UK, the difference is only £4.

Nitesh Patel, savings economist at Halifax, comments: “Children in Harpenden have the highest average savings balance at twice the UK average; whilst, many of the ten largest saving areas are in North London. Altrincham is the only town from outside southern England.

“Learning saving habits at an early age can play an important part in a child’s future. Equipping children with important life skills such as money management will prepare them for financial decisions later in life when they go to university or are looking to get on the housing ladder.”

Source: www.easier.com

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