Aug 25 2011

Navin Shah’s job-on-the-side?

The name Navin Shah will be known to many in Harrow: he represents Brent and Harrow on the London Assembly, and he’s also a councillor for Kenton East. Indeed, you can find out all about him on Harrow’s website here.

What you might not know – because it’s not shown online – is that he’s just resurrected his dormant architectural practice (navin architects) to submit a planning application for a development in Tooley Street, just a few hundred yards from his offices at City Hall. Seems all this happened back in April, and most people missed it.

Mr Shah’s client, Pramod Patel, proposes to demolish the existing three-storey building and replace it with a six-storey structure incorporating a ground floor restaurant with five one-bedroom flats on the upper floors. The existing building is a shabby three-storey affair, comprising of a newsagents at street level, with what appears to be two flats above it.

The existing building dates from 1898 and the initials SS O & J on the facade suggest that the building originally had some association with the combined parishes of St Olave’s Southwark and St John Horsleydown.

Thanks to london-se1.co.uk for bringing it to our attention.


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