Jun 14 2011

Stabbing in South Harrow – update

Last week, we posted an article about a stabbing in Northolt Road, South Harrow, and – we’re pleased to say – southharrow.com was the first organisation to break that news on the internet. In fact, we were the only organisation to post it: no mention was made in either of the well-known local newspapers, and even a search on the web would show us as the only source.

The update over the last week, from a local source, indicates that this stabbing was gang-related. The victim, who recovered well enough to be taken round the area by local police earlier this week, pointed out four people who were promptly arrested on suspicion, which – with the eleven people police arrested immediately after the event – brings the total to fifteen. Clearly, they’re not all going to be prosecuted for the stabbing, so we’ll have to wait and see how this pans out.

It remains strange, though, that this was kept out of the news. A stabbing, these days, isn’t that uncommon, although I would have expected it to appear somewhere. Conspiracy theory fans, let us know your thoughts, in the comments, below.

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