Aug 19 2011

Stanton’s Fruit ‘n’ Veg closed down

We wrote back in May that Stanton’s fruit ‘n’ veg shop was up for sale, and it seems that the shop has now, finally, closed. I drove past today, to see the shutters down, and workmen inside doing something – not sure what. Maybe it’s being prepared for another tenant; maybe it’s just being stripped out.

However, just over the road, where AA Cladding used to be, work has hurried along to turn that into a fruit ‘n’ veg shop. Whether it’s the folks from Stanton’s, I don’t know.

I’ve not counted the number of stores selling fruit ‘n’ veg along the Northolt Road, nor done any kind of survey to see which is cheapest, freshest, has the widest range, etc., etc, so if you’ve got any opinions, let us have them in the comments, below.

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