Jul 09 2012

Veolia Lifts Harrow’s Hosepipe Ban

Veolia Water Central is announcing the lifting of its temporary use ban, with immediate effect from today, 9 July. This means customers can now use hosepipes. The ban was introduced on 5 April 2012, following two consecutive autumn and winter periods of below average rainfall, which left much of the South East of England in drought conditions.

A temporary use ban helped us to reduce demand and conserve precious water resources and we would like to thank our customers for their incredible support and apologise for any inconvenience caused by the ban.

The unprecedented rainfall since April has led to a significant improvement in our water resources, which have now recovered sufficiently to allow us to lift the ban, without putting strain on the local environment.

Although the exceptional levels of recent rainfall have resulted in an unusually high top up of groundwater for this time of year, the critical period for recharging our aquifers is between October and March, when less rainfall is lost to plant growth, evaporation and run off to rivers.

It must be stressed that groundwater levels still remain lower than normal. Prolonged and substantial rainfall particularly during the next autumn and winter period, will be needed to restore groundwater to normal levels. A third dry autumn and winter would make a hosepipe ban next year a possibility so we would like to urge our customers to continue to use water wisely.

The ban, together with the significant rainfall since April, has resulted in a reduction in demand of about 7%. Veolia Water Central has also reduced leakage to over 20 million litres per day below our regulator agreed leakage reduction target for this year.

Source: Veolia Water

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