Oct 19 2014

Chimney Collapse in South Harrow; Roads Closed

breaking_newsNortholt Road in South Harrow was brought to a standstill earlier today, due to a chimney collapsing at a property opposite South Harrow Baptist Church.

The drama started to unfold at around 1.15 this afternoon, with the section of road between Wargrave Road and Whitby Road cordoned off by police shortly afterwards. Buses were diverted, and pedestrians were stopped from entering that stretch of pavement.

A Police officer at the scene said that the road would remain closed until the building was made safe. To add to the story, TFL tweeted that the diversion and delays to buses was due to a road traffic collision – whether this was an additional incident, or part of the falling chimney, remains unclear at this time.

A crane is now on scene, appearing to dismantle the chimney. It’s not known if there were any injuries.

20141019_south_harrowPhotos courtesy of @compingmad

More news as we get it.

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