May 13 2014

Chief Executive Position Could Return Under Labour… With Pay Rise

susan_hall_3Harrow Council’s Labour Group could restore the Chief Executive position to the organisation, and up the pay to nearly £200,000 a year, their manifesto has revealed. The Chief Executive position was axed by the Council’s current Conservative Administration, in order to save £1 million over four years.

The Labour Group protested against the removal of the position, and their manifesto lists ‘a review into the management structure of the Council’ as the first priority of an incoming administration. It also includes a promise to ‘cap the salary of the highest paid staff member to 12 times the lowest paid’ – meaning a restored Chief Executive could earn nearly £10,000 more than the previous occupant and nearly £50,000 more than the current Head of Paid Service.

Cllr. Susan Hall, Leader of the Council, said: “It’s frankly offensive for Labour talk in their manifesto about helping people into work and tackling economic disparity, while also setting themselves up to bring back the highest paid public sector job in Harrow – and give it a pay rise. Labour claim to be on the side of our hard-working staff, and have conspired with their friends in UNISON to attack me for what they claim is a ‘top down approach’. Yet the only pledge about staff wages Labour make in their manifesto will benefit those at the very top!”

Cllr. Hall added: “It could of course be that, yet again, Labour have got their finances wrong. They have form on this – having to row back on promises they made during the budget process in February because they’d allocated pots of money incorrectly. But if it is a mistake I’m not sure which is worse – that they don’t know how much our staff are paid, or that they apparently can’t multiply things by twelve.”

When the Chief Executive position was abolished, the final occupant of the role left Harrow Council on a salary of £183,097.

Under the present structure, the Interim Head of Paid Service is a Corporate Director (maximum salary £138,252) who also receives a £10,000 allowance for taking on the HoPS responsibilities – total amount £148,252.

The lowest salary on the Council’s pay scale is £16,080, making the Interim Head of Paid Services’ total package just over 9 times larger than that of the lowest paid. Labour’s plan for a 12 times cap would set a maximum salary of £192, 960.


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  1. John Clement

    Typical New Labour. Some highly paid sinecure for a compliant political hack, which will meandn less money available for the community.

  2. Bill Phillips

    Hi Paul

    Do you know what a “Straw man” is? Well this article is a perfect example.

    Best wishes

  3. MysticMeg

    Surely the absence of the weasel that was Michael Lockwood has had no devastating effect on Harrow Council since his sudden departure! Therefore, why would we want to pay our council tax for another jobs worth to sit in a chair filing his nails all day, before being handsomely paid off to lead a life of luxury in early retirement. I am with Susan Hall on this one. NO! We don’t need overpaid civil servants presiding over us thank you very much. Actually, I confess that since Lockwood’s departure, Harrow seems to have improved. Coincidence?

  4. anon

    the reason that labour might want to bring a cheif executive back is because they havent got a cats hope in hell of running the council properly. at least under susie hall things are getting done, so it makes sense not to need to have a cheif executive. and where the hell is david parry these days??? not seen a word from him in the last month. does he actually exsists???

  5. Marcello Borgese

    The Chief Exec will not be missed as Harrow is not suffering any more than usual without one (as already mentioned) so it was a masterstroke to get rid of the position.

    ‘Management review’ could mean anything, I would suggest Labour just don’t know what to say given that it’s election time and they have to say something to the electorate.

    But as I have previously predicted, if the Tories win control of the council, just watch the pay of cabinet members shoot up under the excuse that they have more work to do because there’s no Chief Exec.

    As always, the taxpayer gets walloped. You have been warned.

  6. Someonewhocares

    Yes, with ‘Suzie Hall’ at least we ‘will get something done’ – albeit ‘her way or the highway’ and regardless of what is actually best for Harrow! Unfortunately removing the CEO (known internally as being ‘firm but fair’) also removes the rein on her considerable ego. It is enough to make you spit !

  7. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    Paul-actually the lowest salary on Harrow Councillor is that of a back bench Councillor – £8,160.

    1. Harrow Dude

      Willy I always thought that instead of a salary Councillors received an allowance and then can claim expenses on top of that allowance in recognition of their time spent on council business..
      Of course those fortunate enough to hold a portfolio will receive a special responsibility allowance with could be 2, 3,4 or 5x the basic allowance, with each additional portfolio bringing an increase.

  8. mike mcfadden

    Personally, I think Mrs Hall is doing a fantastic job just putting up with the Loony-Lefts insults. Labour Nu-Labour have never done anything constructive other then throw tax-payers money at a problem they created. Harrow can not afford a return of Loony-Labour ways.

  9. Gary

    Dear Susan,
    I would politely but unreservedly request that you refrain from attempting to use defamatory language and allegations against the good name of Unison with your public statement that we have “conspired” with the labour group to attack you. As branch secretary of Harrow Unison I have an obligation to contact our 600 labour link officers to ask whether they wish to assist the political party they make contributions to. You are more than fully aware that I am politically neutral even though the Labour party derived from the Trade Union movement. my sole aim and ethos as elected Branch secretary is to protect our members terms and conditions of employment, and ensure that they have a better standard of living and are not solely reliant on state benefits to assist them in the ever rising cost of living. The Term “conspired in the negative sense means to agree together, especially secretly to do something wrong” is this one of the reasons this union was given a weeks notice to vacate Unison offices at Central Depot which has been our home since 1998. I have always worked well with the incumbent political party who ever it has been, not favouring any party through good negotiations, for example David Ashton, who saw the financial benefit of Unisons proposal to introduce a co-mingled recycling collections. Officers of the council failed to see the benefit unlike Unison and the then incumbent leader. I would also ask that you put aside your personal feelings and welcome the input this union has had with all previous leaders of Harrow Council.

  10. Susan Hall

    Dear Gary,

    I respect your responsibility to serve your members – something you’ve always done well – but I must disagree with you on a number of fronts.

    The word ‘conspire’ also means ‘to act or plan together’ – not necessarily relating to anything malicious – and in the context of the letter I’ve seen that went to many Unison members I think it’s more than a reasonable word to use. You can talk about ‘personal feelings’ if you want, but what I’m doing is responding to a political attack. And if you want to talk about ‘defamatory language’ and ‘allegations’, I would remind you of the aforementioned letter from Unison and the Labour Group which says, among other things, that the Conservative Group and I have “treated staff extremely poorly”. That might be a good political line, but it isn’t true.

    Nobody cares more about our frontline staff than I do, and I’ve been to the Depot numerous times to hear their concerns and to talk to them. How many times did Labours Phil O’Dell do this when he was portfolio holder? The extra investment in public realm we put into the budget is vital in supporting our staff, because it protects and creates jobs – not to mention it being a morale boost for staff to know an administration values the work they do. A Group which values frontline staff looks at cuts at the top before cuts lower down, and whereas Labour cut frontline services we removed the Chief Executive position instead. You attacked us for doing this, but I fail to see why given it makes frontline staff less likely to factor in savings considerations. I note that there still hasn’t been a formal denial from Labour that they will bring the position back, or an explanation of their apparent intention to increase the top salaries at the council and do nothing for those lower down the scale. I would imagine this policy wouldn’t go down at all well with many Unison members, whether they are affiliated with Labour or not.

    You’re also giving half the story on the Depot move. You first met with senior officers to discuss a move on 9th April, and the date proposed was 9th May – subsequently moved back a further week to 16th May. Last week you had a site visit to confirm all was acceptable with the new Civic Centre location as a final step in the process, but you’ve known about the move and have been discussing it with officers for over a month now.

    A great many Unison members do a wonderful job in Harrow, and my comments take nothing away from that fact – or from my appreciation for that work. Similarly, I would never want to deny the right of anyone to get involved in political activities. However, it simply isn’t acceptable for some within Unison to subject my Group and I to political attacks, and then hide behind the neutrality of the organisation when they wish to defend themselves.

  11. Gary

    Dear Susan,

    Firstly, you are more than fully aware of the letters I directly sent to the Labour group regarding some of their decisions which I felt were unwarranted and unwelcome in Harrow, that directly affected low paid members of staff. The issue regarding the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) was purely based on procedure, I am a firm believer that treatment of staff on termination should be respectful, sadly the departure of the CEO was not in my opinion. The issue about the office move was an example of the work and lift and shift over a period of 1 week. I called a meeting to seek the democratic views of the Branch Executive Committee which were then disseminated to the Council. in regards to the letter which I am instructed to send to all those who contribute to the Labour party, was based on a voluntary exercise. in regards to my neutrality I have never personally attacked any party if their interests were for both for the residents and staff of Harrow. I hope that the outcome of the forthcoming election and political banter that is occurring will not detract from the massive financial impact this local authority is facing and those that are fortunate enough to lead this authority will hopefully work in partnership with the trade Unions to mitigate this known impact.

  12. Honest and Open

    Whatever happens in the forthcoming elections the post of chief executive must never return to Harrow. The Council has shown it can operate without this over inflated post and salary. Michael Lockwood refused residents requests to hold an open surgery, or meet with me who had serious issues to raise which affected the running of certain areas under his remit. The Council has wasted enough money in recent years on ‘paying off’ council officers who have left under a cloak of secrecy, mostly running in to six figures, we do not need to waste any more.

    As for some Councillors who have posted on here of late I am dismayed at some of the comments and attacks on each other. My own personal experience is that when I contacted every single councillor across all parties at one point because I was desperate for help, not one of them helped me. In fact I was lied to, led along with false promises, and then left out in the cold, because they were not strong enough to take on the might of the hierarchy at Harrow Council. It nearly destroyed me in more ways than one, and feel quite tearful now recalling how terribly I was treated. When you take on a large organisation and discover there are many flaws, you are threatened, and treated like a pariah as I was.

    Because of this, and the wider arena of politics, I am unsure as to whether I shall vote this time for the first time in my life? However, if I could vote for one person it would be Susan Hall. Not because I am a Tory, as that would go against everything I believe in, but because Ms Hall will stop Labour from hiking the Council Tax, and re-instating the Chief Exec. Ms Hall communicates with and answer the residents, whilst working hard and getting the job done. Granted there are things that we will not like along the way, but some of the things she has done in her short tenure surely deserves us giving her a longer period of time as leader?

    As for the lLG, their shout of racism did not as far as I know, throw up any concrete proof. I am not saying there is not any truth to what they say, but when I brought racism to the attention of the Council some years ago in reference to another body of people, Harrow councillors did not want to know.

    Councillors have to be more open and honest as does the Council itself. They have to show that the residents are the most important people, as we are the ones that pay our council tax and their salaries.

    I have heard there is another primary school that is about to go into special measures, with the Head leaving last month citing retirement. Those in the know tell me he was pushed out before the Ofsted report is made available. How fair is that on parents who do not know yet? This same school has been rocked with serious scandal for the last 4 years, so how did a councillor who has been there as a governor all of this time allow this to happen? Is it a coincidence that the Head of Education services, who was involved with this school, and the childrens services director left at the same time as the head, with, I heard big fat pay offs? Last year The director of children services admitted on this site, some of her officers had lied to her? So it appears there are problems within education services as well? Could anyone elaborate on this

    Susan Hall,
    I only ask that you make Harrow Council more transparent, open, honest and fair to its residents, and perhaps look to have an open surgery? We are tired of things being swept under the carpet, and being lied to. I never thought I would say this……but perhaps we all need to vote Tory just for the local elections so Ms Hall may be re-instated.

  13. Marcello Borgese

    It’s true, Labour makes a mess of almost everything when in power but that doesn’t mean you have to vote Tory just because you feel they may be the best of a bad bunch. Voting something other than Lib/Lab/Con will give the political establishment a great big kick up the backside and that is the only way they will realise they must put people first, not their parties.

    If you only have the choice of Lib/Lab/Con as in some wards then you could scribble ‘NONE OF THEM’ on the ballet paper – if enough people do this, they will have to take notice of disillusioned voters.

    Cllr Hall, it’s very disappointing you didn’t take the opportunity to deny my prediction that if your party wins control of the council you will increase the pay of cabinet members significantly.

    Please give us a very simple answer: Will councillors’ and/or cabinet members’ pay (or allowances or stipend….) be increased during the next council term if the Tories win control? If so, by how much approximately? Please don’t use the dodgy politician’s cop-out i.e. “We currently have no plans to……”

  14. ricky123

    There is another party you know, ILG, like them or not they have 47 Candidates.

  15. Honest and Open

    ILG………no thank you 47 candidates or not! Still Labour whichever way you look at it. Marcello I hear you. The trouble is as much as I would like to take up your suggestion very few people will, which will leave the doors wide open for Labour to crawl back in. Trust me if I do decide to vote Tory, it will be with a very heavy heart.

    To re-iterate my last post…….do any of the Councillors or Susan Hall want to elaborate and tell the truth behind the suspicious goings on in the childrens services dept and within the primary school involved?

    1. MysticMeg

      Honest & Open – I must have missed your post on this. What do you mean ” suspicious goings on in the children’s services department” ? Sounds like something we should all know about!

  16. Harrow Dude

    Susie how did you get one of these letters was it by by mistake, or after your liaison with the ILG did you secretly sign up to the Labour Group Well done on getting to the Dept more times than Phil O’Dell but in all fairness the majority of residents know he is a waste of space so probably not the best person to compare yourself to.

    I do agree that you haven’t “treated staff extremely poorly”… well not all of them, some you have treated very well indeed.

  17. Susan Hall

    Gary/Harrow Dude: The letter circulated to many of our Council staff was on Unison headed paper, it stated Labours pledges and reminded everyone that Labour was campaigning to ‘replace Susan Hall and the Tories’ It states that ‘Susan Hall’s Leadership has damaged the reputation of the Council’ (Which of course is completely untrue) Do you call that neutral? Very many of our exceptional staff know full well that I support them and always have done. I am surprised and dissapointed that the Union would be party to such electioneering.

    Honest and Open – naturally I am sorry you are not a Tory supporter but I sincerely thank you for your kind words. I would love to show everyone what strong leadership can achieve if given sufficient time. I and my team have a focused vision for Harrow. We are going into difficult times and and it is essential that clear, timely and strong decisions are made in order to deliver good services at a reasonable price. With regard to the open surgery I think its a fantastic idea. I see hundreds of residents as I constantly visit or hold many meetings in my Office but happy to discuss with you and others how you would like to see a surgery work. If we win please get in touch and I assure you we will make this happen.

    Marcello – The Conservatives will not look to increase allowances.
    Your comments about voting for single Independents is understood however by voting for those with no party may result in the party of your (albeit slight) preference not being in control. Harrow needs strong leadership to steer it through the next four years. I and my team would love the opportunity to continue to make Harrow Cleaner, Safer and Fairer. Thus I would be so grateful for readers of iharrow to be generous enough to trust us Conservatives with your three votes next Thursday at the local elections.

    1. Marcello Borgese

      Sorry Susan, that sounds a lot like “We have no plans to…..” and we all know what politicians mean when they say that. The last thing I want is Labour in charge again because they will waste money and increase council tax, but then again it looks like the Tories will give councillors and/or cabinet members massive pay rises. Morton’s fork.

      But well done for responding so readily on this forum, you stand out among your peers.

      1. Susan Hall

        Marcello, I promise you Councillor allowances are the last thing we are thinking about. There is much to do and massive savings having to be made. As you know I instigated the removal of the CEO post, that will save the taxpayer 1m in the next 4 years. This does give the Leader more work but so be it. This could probably be why Labour would reinstate the CEO because their Leaders would not be able to do it. I put in a minimum of 60 hours a week and Labours Leader David Perry has said he would not give up his full time job so he would need extra help. If we are elected tomorrow I will continue to go through the Council with a fine tooth comb looking for savings wherever I can that will not effect the delivery of services that our residents deserve. There are tough times ahead Marcello and a tough dedicated Leader is required. Sadly if we do not get those extra 7 seats I will not be able to continue the work with my colleagues as Labour will be in control again.

        1. mike mcfadden

          Oh dear, the Loonies are back running the asylum. Does that mean no hope for hard working tax-paying harrow residents? Beds in sheds , filthy streets, mass migration of poor people looking for hand-outs, homing failed asylum seekers again, taking in “lost children” again a return to mass HMO that are out of control. What horrors have the loony-left got in store to steal our homes and turn them into rented/housing benefit slums. !!!! I fear for Harrow under these nutters.

  18. sonoo malkani

    Apart from a handful of people,most writers seem to comment to their hearts’ content,irrespective of what is being aired,under guise of a pseudo identity.Frankly,it’s high time we had the courage of our convictions and spoke,OPENLY,FEARLESSLY and TRANSPARENTLY and stopped behaving like cowardly custards.Hurling abuse and making up a pack of lies to try and defame anybody who is making progress or contributing worthwhile improvements is quite deplorable.It’s something that needs to be seriously looked at by the government.These sites are for genuine discussion.Expressing dissatisfaction or complaining should be PART of the spectrum of conversation NOT used as an excuse to stone people to death,verbally.This is dangerous mischief-making which hurts the democratic process.Please could we behave as a CIVILISED PEOPLE if we wish to be respected or taken seriously anywhere.
    Whilst I fully appreciate some folk from the opposition parties are extremely unhappy to see the Leader of the Tory Party,Cllr Susan Hall,also leading Harrow Council,even they must admit, however,grudgingly that she has managed to do much,much more in the few months since the Tories took charge,to improve Harrow and turn things around far more than any of the others who were too busy bickering to deliver anything of real value to us tax-payers.The opposition only have themselves to thank for the split in their ranks and the bitter battle which ensued leaving Harrow Council in limbo.The tax-payers of Harrow have not forgotten that!

    The back door was left WIDE OPEN by those entrusted to look after our interests.Why are you complaining now when the Tories have stepped in firmly and helped steady a floundering ship?Not only that,they have chalked out a clear programme for us to deliver better services with the funds in hand.
    Our borough is cleaner and safer again.Not only that we have attracted considerable sums of monies which have been utilised for the benefit of our citizens in many areas such as education and health.I am sure Cllr Hall and her team will bat for us to bid for even more to help us progress and get our borough back on track.It would be much more sensible if everybody worked together for team Harrow rather than for themselves.

  19. Harrow Dude

    Sonoo You need to look back to the events of the 16th of September 2013. The way Susie executed her plan and seized power through the back door was a shining example of democracy.
    Yes our borough is cleaner but if you took the time to speak to the staff on the ground you would know that this short term fix is due to a vast number of agency staff hired to achieve this.
    How long is the £500k Susie “found” for street cleaning going to support that and what happens when the pot is empty.
    Susie has also “found” £1million to help the vulnerable.Susie also “found” money to supply the Met Police with body-cams. All of this while reducing the Council’s debt

    Problem is when asked Susie never tells us where she is finding all this money. So forgive me for been skeptical.

  20. Susan Hall

    Harrow Dude, I know who you are and you know full well where the money is coming from because you are an employee ‘in the know’. Every penny is clearly accounted for

    To start with if we are voted in as a majority administration then many of our staff will get permanent contracts. Everyone knows that while there has been a chance, and lets face it a very real chance, that I and my Tory team would be removed as we have been a minority administration there has been an issue about giving our frontline staff permanent jobs because if Labour had taken over again then they would remove the street cleaners and other fine officers as they have before. I believe in a cleaner Harrow and I will continue to make sure we have enough staff to look after our streets and parkland, it is quite frankly what our residents both want and pay for. Proper contracted jobs will be offered should the Conservatives win. The other additional monies have been worked into the budget as you well know.

    With regard to the Police Body Cameras, I make no apologies whatsoever for supplying these. They are the best thing to assist Police in years. The Officers love to have access to them, they calm down situations, and they are invaluable when evidence is required for Domestic Violence victims as just one example. I am passionate about the ‘safer’ part of my agenda and will work tirelessly to promote a safer borough. We should be proud and grateful to our Police for all that they do to protect us.

    I will continue to find savings so that I can deliver the Cleaner, Safer agenda and the last 7 months has proven that we deliver on our promises. We have frozen Council Tax and have pledged to either freeze or reduce over 4 years. We have started to really clean up the borough, we are now the 3rd safest borough in London not the 6th. We will promote sports in the borough and have started a big plan around this We will do many things around the fairer agenda. But most of all we will not shy away from making difficult decisions. I am a strong leader and determined to clamp down on bad behaviour like spitting and littering. I will not tolerate beds in sheds, drinking in the streets or fly tipping. I will continue to expand our fraud department to make sure residents do not cheat the rest of us, that’s not fair. I promise our residents that we will do all we can to make Harrow the place that everyone wants to both live and work in.

    1. mike mcfadden

      “WOW” A leader that’s putting the Tax-Paying public of Harrow first and doing something to get us out of our slum borough status. Not happened in many a year. Tackling beds-in-sheds will go a long way to get rid of slums but you “must” be tough if illegals are found immediate deportation no matter what destination. Registered owners fined cost of removal £50k upwards. Then you watch the sheds disappear the street become cleaner and crime fall as if magic happened!!! BUT first you must make a START. Old Chines proverb say: Man that want’s to move mountain must start by picking up small stones!!!!!

    2. freeman

      yes susie you make it your buisness to find out who people are dont you

      1. Susan Hall

        Yes of course. Know who your enemies are for that enables you to be prepared, take them on and protect those you care about. However more importantly know who your friends are because they are the ones that matter.

        Many on this site hide behind fictitious names, I don’t. I will stand up and be counted. People like Harrow Dude give themselves away by their language, knowledge of certain subjects and general vileness towards those they dislike. So yes, I do know who many of you are, that shouldn’t matter and if it does then perhaps you should think before you post……..

        1. Harrow Dude

          Susie with your powers of deduction, if things don’t go your way on the 22nd have you considered joining MI5?

          1. Susan Hall

            Whatever happens I shall come and visit you in your new offices

        2. freeman

          now sue i know who my enemies are namely agenda 21 also iclei and ANYONE WHO SUPPORTS THEM now dont hide behind i dont know come on tell the people all about agenda 21 and iclei i know for a fact that you have been briefed on both because you see i know many people too people very close to you so please think before you reply dear susan

          1. Susan Hall

            Please do get your facts straight. I have not had briefings on Agenda 21 or Iclei I have no idea what you are going on about. If you want to e mail me directly and explain I will look into it/them whatever but completely in the dark as to your issues or points here.

          2. freeman

            you leave me no choice cllr now i will have to submit a foi request and post it on here to prove my point so much for transparency misdirection and deceit is all politicians and their lackeys know i have always wondered as to your altruism it may have been born out of a genuine largess but i think the real reason is something much different you see people who need to be in power always display certain traits which set them apart and send up a huge red flag the mask always slips the psychopath hates being challenged and questioned and has zero empathy for anybody they feign emotion and concern but in reality they are totally void of any so i know who and what you are even if you don’t know yourself as you should.

  21. Harrow Dude

    Susie I was only curious about how much you have spent supplying the police with body cameras because my understanding was that the Met Police have launched their own trial of body cameras across London at a cost of £815,000. You know what they say about looking after the pennies.

  22. Harrow Dude

    I’ll put the kettle on..One lump or two?

    1. Susan Hall

      Thanks but it wont be a social visit, not after the things you have posted on here and the recent letters you have sent out. Personal attacks can hardly be viewed as ‘unbiased’

  23. sonoo malkani

    Harrow Dude
    I have cast my mind back to last September and recall with horror,the internal wranglings within our Council which left us so vulnerable.Did you really expect the Tories to simply stand by and watch us go belly-up!?Get real.

    Even today,unless ALL our Councillors are prepared to put the interests of the PUBLIC FIRST we could have a repeat show—God forbid!Harrow has to find its way back,and painstakingly restore its image of being a truly decent and good borough which we all feel proud to belong to.I is very achievable,but will require grit and guts.

    Regarding the monies spent on body cameras.Fully appreciate the Met Police are trialing the body cameras across London and have set aside £815000 for the WHOLE of London.–32 boroughs.Should the Met find these most useful they will continue rolling this throughtout London.

    However,Harrow would have to wait its turn in the queue and also receive only a small proportion of this ring-fenced budget.More monies would go to” challenging boroughs “..

    I know some folk feel the monies could have been better spent on their favourite project but stop and spare a thought for the countless VICTIMS of CRIME including DOMESTIC VIOLENCE who would still be waiting for the extra support provided to our police officers,helping to gather evidence which is crucial for sending criminals down.Charity begins at home.It must be so satisfying for a police officer to know the hard graft they put in of apprehending criminals can be rewarded properly —-with good chances to get convictions based on evidence.Not only that,Victims of Crime will also feel their taxes are being put to good use in helping put these rogues behind bars.They will feel and BE safer.This in turn will increase the public’s CONFIDENCE in their Police.

    For these reasons I fully support this spend.I also endorse many pledges which Cllr Hall has so openly made in her Cleaner,Safer agenda and hope you also feel she is doing good work ridding us of fraudsters,tricksters and all sorts of law-breakers.Nobody —barring criminals surely can object to that!

    1. Harrow Dude

      Sonoo, nice use of the fork but I do object surely the Met are adequately funded if not I suggest you have a word with your friends Boris and Dave or Teresa.
      Where do you draw the line are we now going to subsidies the LAS and the LFB,perhaps we can provide Northwick Park with some extra defibrillators.
      The police should be able to police sufficiently without us have to supply them with the tools of their trade.

  24. Susan Hall

    Freeman/Garth – FOI if you like or just e mail me with what you want to know, I simply do not understand what you are looking for and I repeat I have had no briefing whatsoever and thus am at a loss as to the importance of your issue

  25. sonoo malkani

    Freeman—I understand your need to use FOI –since you will definitely need EVIDENCE to substantiate the dreadful comments made above.However,for you to then go on and call Cllr Hall a “psychopath” and list some pretty abhorrent traits is bang out of line and totally indefensible.There is NO NEED to be so nasty and muddy the waters in whatever way possible.

    This is called “playing dirty.”Members of the public are only interested in the FACTS– not in slander or mud being slung at candidates.We need to elect our local Councillors,having weighed the pros and cons of each candidate and have no desire to be drawn into your personal vendettas.

    You may not be able to stomach Cllr Hall’s strong brand of leadership but that does not give you the right to make really inappropriate and hurtful comments,just days before our local elections.It actually reflects rather badly on you.

    You seem to have a grudge against ALL politicians and are nursing a rather big one against Cllr Hall.We all have,regrettably,suffered a loss of confidence in both our politicians and the Police.No point bashing them to a pulp!

    It is imperative that we put the past behind us and MOVE FORWARD, taking careful steps to rebuild trust,helping to keep our country safe and successful.

    Please no more amateur psycho-analysis.Just stick to the facts.

  26. freeman

    so you really dont know what agenda 21 is or iclei AND yet you expect the public to trust and vote for you how is it that i know in detail of this the so called LAYMAN . agenda 21 is a un initated plan to micro manage every aspect of peoples lives from cradle to grave moving people off the land into ever growing mega cities the compulsory installment of smart metres restricted travel the banning of cars and on and on it goes wlillfuly evading looking into this subject is im afraid an act of treason if you really care check out the validity of what i am saying and promise that you will not let agenda 21 or iclei in to harrow it is EVIL and the good people of harrow deserve to know enough said.

  27. NoWorries

    freeman –thank for the explanation.

    However you must be confusing Susan Hall with Tony Blair.

    But don’t worry, Tony and his Labour cronies are now long gone, they’re no longer in control. The days of micro managing everyone and turning us into a nanny state are in the past.

    I think we are safe now in Harrow with Sheriff Hall at the helm.

    1. mike mcfadden

      I would love to think so but far too many Nu-Labour apparatchiks still hold office. Call me Dave the-Heir-to-Blair never had the courage to get rid of them. We have a long dangerous road ahead that we must travel to win back Common-Sense and the right to put the English in their own country first.

  28. Gary

    Dear Susan,

    I now formally wish to go on record and state that I am not and i have never used a pseudonym of Harrow Dude. Mr Sanjay Karia had the good grace to personally apologise for the same belief as you. Therefore in your future responses can you please refrain from the antediluvian references to a person I have no association with.

    Branch Secretary
    Harrow Unison

  29. sonoo malkani

    Harrow Dude
    I should be so lucky as to tell those in charge how to conduct their affairs!I am sure we will not be subsidising anybody.It would certainly help to have more defibrillators at Northwick Park Hospital.

    However,this is not an either or situation.One is about saving lives and the other about protecting us and keeping us out of harm’s way.Both are equally important for all of our citizens.

    Policing matters such as budget allocations and priorities will be decided locally by our newly formed SAFER NEIGHBOURHOOD BOARD,(SNB)which has already replaced the HPCCG .

    This was decided by the MOPAC(Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime) and has been rolled out throughout London.Our Safer Neighbourhood Board is answerable to MOPAC but are equally accountable to the population of Harrow.This is a statutory requirement.You may feed any concerns directly to them by contacting the SNB.

    I am sure you will be able to get much more detailed information about how we supply our local Police with “tools of the trade”.from your Safer Neighbourhood Board by contacting Mike Howes at Harrow Council.

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