May 13 2014

David Cameron and Boris Johnson Visit Harrow

conservative_logoShoppers in Harrow town centre might have wondered if it were a visit by One Direction, Busted or Boyzone causing a tsunami of police, butch-looking female bodyguards, and general hangers-on sweeping St Ann’s Road yesterday lunchtime. Alas, no. The give away was, in fact, the countless blue balloons being handed out to children, and the smartly-dressed Conservative councillors (and hopefuls) being herded about like stray cats, that something else was in the offing.

Listening (no, it’s not eavesdropping!) to Harrow’s Inspector Sprunks talking to the aforementioned bodyguard, and Bob Blackman’s wife Nicola on the phone (“Tell Boris to stop talking!”) , it seemed that Messrs Cameron and Johnson were in town for a flying visit, hosted by Susan Hall, Leader of the Council.

After a short delay – caused by the Blue Battle Bus pulling over to help at a road accident, which must have been a superb photo opportunity, were the kiss of life deployed – the duo arrived in St Ann’s Road, where the tidal wave of politicians met the – by now, neatly lied up – Councillors for a brief word, before heading back to the tube station for the ride home.


Photo by Nicola Blackman (@blackman4nicola)

What was surprising was seeing Hannah David, prospective MP for Harrow West, in town to take advantage of this visit. Surely, given that the local elections are only days away, and her election is, what, a year away, perhaps it would have been a better idea for her to get out of the limelight and let the Conservatives focus on the local elections.

Contributed photo. Random observer Photoshopped out of the picture.dcbj1

Contributed photo. The entourage gathers speed along St Ann’s Road.dcbj3Contributed photo. SusanDaveBoris2014Contributed photo. dcbj2Contributed photo. dcbj5Contributed photo. dcbj6Contributed photo. bj_dc_in_harrow_2 bj_dc_in_harrow_1

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  1. Mysticmeg

    Wow! Is it because we have so many unemployed in Harrow that they can hang around St Anne’s shopping centre all day, or, did The Conservatives bring their own ” rent a crowd” team? As if people can be persuaded to vote Tory just because Boris or Dave rolled into town like celebrities. Poor Labour have no celebrity following so they cant match the Tory PR machine 🙁

  2. John Clement

    Eton men suppotrt Harrow?

  3. ricky123

    All those Labour supporters looking at the guy who they are going to vote out.

  4. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    The Tory PM & the Tory Mayor of London pictured outside the Early Learning Centre – how appropriate!

  5. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    btw Paul – ur using the wrong Tory logo – Cameron’s stuck a union jack on the tree now!

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