Jul 14 2014

Debate: School Places Funding for Harrow

bob_blackmanBob Blackman is leading a debate in Westminster Hall tomorrow (July 15, 2014) on the subject of school places in Harrow, where he will be bringing the various challenges we are facing on this front to the Minister’s attention.

It will be taking place 4pm-4:30pm, should you wish to attend, or tune in.

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  1. sonoo malkani

    Good to hear Bob Blackman is raising awareness about this important topic regarding funding school places in Harrow.l

  2. Willy Stoodley

    Ha! God you are sooooo naive Sonoo – Blackman’s doing it to raise his own profile in a seat that’s going to undergo a massive swing to Labour! Same as they all do. Same as that anti-Nat West closure campaign. As if the Tory MP and the Labour candidate have any sway over Nat West?!! Same as the anti-Barnet FC stance – it’s all about raising profile and getting yourself in the news. When are you going to learn Sonoo? IT’S JUST A GAME TO THEM!

    Check my other posts out on Bob Blackman’s history when he was a Brent boy! Google his name even! Sonoo – do you actually realise WHY he’s the MP for Harrow East? It’s because nobody liked him when he was a member of the Conservative Club in Wembley (I worked behind the bar there in the ’90s) so they gave him Harrow East because it was before Tony McNulty’s expenses scandal and at the time a safe Labour seat. HE FLUKED A WIN! And since then he’s always known that to stand any chance od winning again the public have to perceive that he’s doing loads of work. Just look at his track record for Pete’s sake – AGAINST Anmer Lodge – but why? Tories started that development. AGAINST Barnet FC – but why? Tories started that development. AGAINST Nat West closure – but why? He has no control over Nat West. etc. etc. etc.

    Actually I’ve met the several times and really like him – he’s very cleaver at what he does, including getting away with his affair even after his girlfriend said he was very quick in bed (lol), but I am not fooled; you can be if you want to Sonoo…!!

  3. PraxisReform

    He’d do himself a massive favour if he actually took some action to stop the abuse of employees when companies become insolvent… Unfortunately, it seems the Tory lot don’t want to upset the the richest 1% of the population, whilst the Labour lot are only interested in their trade union paymasters.

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