Jun 25 2012

Harrow Times gets it’s knickers in a twist over Hospital A&E Closure

Local free rag, the Harrow Times, seems to be going from bad to worse these days. Today’s headline story, published online at 10.38:

A&E department faces possible closure
The accident and emergency department at Northwick Park Hospital faces possible closure, as NHS bosses discusses proposals which could shut departments across north west London…

By 17.44, the story had disappeared, and a new one posted:

Hospital to lose A&E department
The accident and emergency unit at a hospital used by people living in Wembley could be closed under plans which were discussed by health bosses today…

We thought it odd to run a story about Northwick Park losing it’s A&E, when it had recently been given a grant of £20.8 million to to build a new A&E and Urgent Care facility (source: Community Voice, June 2012), and, of course, the headline in the ‘corrected’ story refers to Central Middlesex. Regular readers will know, of course, that this is old news, and that the A&E department there has been running on shortened (read: no overnight service) for some months now.

It seems like only yesterday that the same rag got confused over the amount Harrow Council spent on tree care recently, with figures of between 83p and £11.11 per tree being banded about (and it took them three attempts, and a hint from the Council to arrive at the final figure).




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