Jun 05 2017

Harrow West Candidate Hannah David has “stake in avoidance firm”

The Mirror today has a story about Hannah David, the Conservative’s candidate for Harrow West in this week’s general election, being a “shareholder in tax avoidance firm.”

Mrs David, it says, “…owns a 25% stake in HBFS Wealth Management, which specialises in helping wealthy people use tax laws to pay less inheritance tax using tax havens.”

You can read the full article here.

Hannah fought Gareth Thomas for the seat in the 2015 elections, and lost by just 2,000 seats (around 5%). This revelation won’t do her any good on Thursday at the polls.

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  1. Christopher Langley

    It beggars belief that a candidate whose background in tax avoidance, the scourge of modern UK, and the world, was selected to stand. On second thoughts, maybe there are some constituants who are pleased, who knows?

    I am sure though, this is another reason why a number of Conservative Party members are glad we are leaving the EU. Their proposals, in response to the Panama papers, to clamp down on this tax loophole and make burdon sharing for taxpayers just a little more equitable, is such an anathema to them.

  2. Terry

    Why am I not surprised

  3. Alison Forrest

    And she’s not even local, unlike Gareth Thomas, born, raised, and still living in Harrow!

  4. peter day

    I wonder how many shares she has in the Private hospitals, The Medical Insurance Racket and the Arms Manufacturing company’s.

  5. Someonewhocares

    Absolutely appalling: Did she really not realise it would be found out – or did she just think she could ‘blag it out’ (after the fact) like her leader ? Hannah: Sorry but you are clearly totally untrustworthy. or hypocritical at best…..

    1. Someonewhocares

      From their Web Site:

      “We work with a wide range of individuals, companies, charities and pension funds together with Onshore and Offshore Trusts and have built up a genuine expertise in the use of Offshore Wrappers as well as other investment structures. We take pride in our ability to advise and continually service a wide array of clients, ranging from individuals with lump sum ISAs, to Board Directors of multi-national companies with Offshore investments and Trusts.”

      No, Tax Avoidance is not actually illegal of course- but perhaps it should be made so?

      Still, never mind, us ordinary taxpayers can just pay more then to cover this type of activity and the resultant losses to the country ?

  6. Mike McFadden

    Oh, you jealous and envious folk. What is wrong with wealth creators wanting to keep more of their earnings? Why should the unemployed think they have a right to take money from those that work and their immediate families? Why do you think its fair to take part someone else income and give nothing in return? You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich,. Why do the loony-left constantly play politics of envy? Nothing changes with the loonies. If only they put as much effort into working hard as they do complaining about those that do always amazes me.

    There leader Corbyn has never had a real job yet like Carl Marx another loser who complained about everyone whilst living off the back of Engels. You could say scrounging off Engels like the benefit breeders and lazy lot that live off benefits today because they see working as not worth doing!!!
    Wake-up folks the socialist utopia where someone else always pays is still a dream of the “Many living off the few!!!” “phew” You couldn’t make it up!! Get out more.

    Regards Mike McFadden someone who lives in the real world.*

    1. Someonewhocares

      Ah, yes, the Kraken awakes… and promptly talks through it….!

      I suppose I *could* respond to all that nonsense but, just like ‘her ladyship’, you don’t actually listen or answer (properly) but shift it off to someone/something else. Wait…. are *you* secretly TM? Yes, that could actually explain a lot…. !!


  7. red mirror

    the guy in the blue shirt nailed it thanks swc nice post keep em coming all the best.

    1. Someonewhocares

      Unfortunately YouTube is now full of such ditties as this one (and probably NSFW):

      1. Someonewhocares

        Meant to add to that part of the problem in the previous vid. is TM is saying things which are clearly untrue – as stated by those *who actually work inside those Services involved/affected”: How detached/ignorant is that ? Theresa please note: Just repeating MISTRUTH does NOT make it TRUTH…..!

        Plus the deliberately-nasty and rather wobbly/weak campaign has not helped her either;
        Instead of “Strong and Stable” she is now more “Wrong and Unable” perhaps…..

        And maybe it is as simple now as “For The Many for the Few” ?
        (ie. as opposed to “For The Few, Not The Many”)

  8. Someonewhocares

    Oh dear – I was just reminded of something: (from The Independent, July 2016):

    “Theresa May’s husband is a senior executive at a $1.4tn investment fund that profits from tax avoiding companies .

    The relatively unknown investment fund where May’s husband Philip works as a senior executive is one of the world’s largest and most powerful financial institutions, controlling $1.4 trillion in assets.

    Its portfolio also includes $20 billion of shares in Amazon and Starbucks, both of which were cited by the Prime Minister-designate in her pledge to crack down on tax avoidance yesterday.

    Latest filings to US authorities show that Los Angeles based Capital Group owns huge stakes in a variety of companies, including investment bank JP Morgan Chase, defence giant Lockheed Martin, tobacco company Philip Morris International, the pharmaceutical sector’s Merck & Co, and also Ryanair”

    Conflict Of Interest perhaps ? No wonder they are saying Barmy Boris will be PM soon….

  9. red mirror

    how funny is that i spat tea over the computer screen swc you know how to make me laugh but as you stated theresa is a shameless liar and obviously in contempt of the hard working folk at the sharp end of nhs etc hideous woman inside and out.

    1. Someonewhocares

      Well RM unfortunately there are *straight lies* and then there are *mis-reports of reality*.. !
      Why – except out of real fear- would anyone choose to materially modify the facts?:-

  10. Someonewhocares

    Indeed YouTube is now replete with TV interviews/debates now, plus numerous send-ups and parodies of TM, and some are quite painful to watch. The amount of public disdain for a PM displayed is palpable too. It’s too early for post-mortems etc but I will try to summarise:

    In fact I was initially mildly *sympathetic* towards TM – as she was going to have to clean up Cameron’s Brexit mess; However I now I find her and her cronies just *pathetic* instead. The sympathy slowly but surely turned into doubts, then disgust and then finally distrust at all their oft-repeated mis-truths and particularly their ill-judged Campaign. What were they thinking, really?
    ( “Vote for me to strengthen my Negotiations my ….”)

    How a 16-point lead could so rapidly degenerate into maybe just a few percent is also another matter: .Clearly their awful ‘smear and fear’ campaign strategy has just completely backfired on them. Similarly every time they are asked a question they simply deflect/ignore it and then mention Jeremy C. – EVERY time, why? Did they think we would be taken in by this?

    Then their whole Manifesto Mess.And as we know If the Tories really had Governed well for the last ~7 years then there would not be such unprecedented dissent now within the population – including that from all the Teachers, Police, Doctors and Nurses etc. Did TM and Co. seriously think we would believe *them* rather than *those serving on the Front Line*?

    (Incidentally why have Hammond and Hunt apparently disappeared? We have only seen Rudd and Boris of late…. also spouting nonsense)

    Anyway overall I suspect that Theresa and her chums could just about scrape by (bolstered in part by You-Kip defectors no doubt). They will then start to make make an utter mess of Brexit (– and again blame the Opposition for doing their jobs of course). All these YouTube videos are accessible in the EU-27 and seem to have been received/observed with mirth.Thus Theresa could well be out in about a year (as I also suspect she was merely ‘encouraged’ to have a snap GE to ‘front’ it); If all that results in the increasingly-insane Boris J. in charge then anything can happen (or perhaps it already did?). I hope I am wrong about all this but fear I am not.

    As for the initial topic in hand -Tax Avoidance – for TM and Hannah D. this now simply smacks of “don’t do as I DO, do as I SAY”. Either way It is not acceptable ….. it is simply mis-placed arrogance.

    (Sorry for the long post/purge folks but I DO feel a little better now!)

  11. Mike McFadden

    Let me just point out a real fact of life. There is nothing truer that less means more when it comes to taxes!!! If you over tax people like the loonies do and put income tax up to 98p in the pound as it was under Labour the tax payer will try and limit liabilities to survive and help his family.!! Benefit breeders and the lazy just expect others to pay for them because they do not understand the real economic facts of life, only their own greed.

    So wake-up folks there is “NO” such thing as a free lunch. Someone else always pays.
    Try using common-sense why should a wage payer let his family go without to keep yours? It ain’t rocket science Only loony-lefties will tell you different.

    Help Britain stop scrounging and live within your means. No job, means No mobile phones,No Sky tv,No cars, No expensive pets No luxury homes No Continental holidays, No drinking No smoking. Try living within your means. Loony-Left “ISMs” will not make your life better.

  12. red mirror

    time will tell swc but i wouldn’t bet against you that’s for sure good post erudite and observant as usual good to purge now and again too. see you post election.

    1. Someonewhocares

      Thanks RM – and yes it’s certainly going to be close: Wonder why,…also this ‘genius’ perhaps?

      1. red mirror

        wow swc that’s quite a resume wizardry indeed (shudder) well call me old fashioned but id rather play with a straight bat trouble is where to find one?have a nice weekend.

      2. Someonewhocares

        Correction/Addition; Apparently *these two advisers* are primarily to blame now – Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill.

        No, surely the two things to blame are really Tory “clueless arrogance” and “over-confidence”?

        1. Someonewhocares

          -Although those two individuals are getting (or at least £££ accepting…) the blame are we now really expected to believe that? In fact the Manifesto was the brainchild of many others too, notably:

          * John Godfrey (Head of the Downing Street Policy Unit)
          * George Freeman (Chair of the Downing Street Policy Board)
          * Ben Gummer (Cabinet Office Minister)

          The later, having lost his seat will be ‘in charge’ now….

  13. Someonewhocares

    The GE Result was what you might expect if you put your PARTY in front of your COUNTRY.

    And for Hannah D. what you might expect if you put your BUSINESS in front of your PARTY….

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