May 09 2014

Labour’s 2% Council Tax Increase in 2013: Harrow Now Third Highest in London

susan_hall_2After Labours 2% increase in 2013, Harrow now has the third highest council tax in London – with band D now standing at over £1,500. We managed to freeze council tax in 2014, despite a £5 million gap in the Labour budget we inherited. We want to deliver a #CleanerSaferFairer Harrow, so promise that if we form the Council’s administration after May’s election, council tax in Harrow will be frozen or cut over the next four years. Labour’s only promise is not to increase council tax above inflation.

Group and Council Leader Cllr. Susan Hall said: “We will approach every decision asking how we can cut the Council’s costs, and by doing this pledge to freeze or cut council tax over the next four years. Labour’s last budget in 2013 made residents pay more and get less because they made the wrong choices in how they delivered and prioritised services. Unlike Labour, who have said they may increase council tax if they win in May, we believe it’s possible to look after the services residents value while ensuring they get value for money.”

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  1. sonoo malkani

    This year’s freeze on Council Tax has been a substantial help to so many,including myself.A firm promise of either freezing our Council tax or even cutting it,over the next four years, is not to be sneezed at.

    Our Council tax is the third highest in London.Any respite from this burden is most welcome for all house-holders especially and moves to either freeze it or bring it down for FOUR years is too good an offer to miss.Like looking a gift horse in the mouth!

  2. garth

    love susies photo she is glowing was it taken post coitus i wonder?

  3. mike mcfadden

    The most effective way to cut council tax would be to drastically reduce or STOP housing benefits unless you have connection to the borough of at least 10 years and NO benefit paid to under thirties. Also failed asylum seekers must go and the same with lost kids. “if ever there was” The only people to get rattle on housing benefit would be landlords and many I hear and it must be alleged work for Harrow Council.

    Mrs Hall any chance it can be discussed that school can get a talking/ reminder that throwing rubbish litter will soon have a fine attached. The reason I see school kids buying take away’s in the Mollison Way area and the containers thrown straight on to the pavements by teenage kids or parents taking or picking up kids from school.

  4. Stop It - The Pair Of You!

    garth – My apologies for calling you a Nutter the other day.

    I should have called you a Sick Nutter.

  5. garth

    no sense of humor old boy thats your trouble whatever happend to all the good old eccentrics in england its soooooooooo pc now bring back the goons and keith moon LOVE YOUX.

  6. Timeforchange

    Garth haven’t you got the message yet your snipes at Susan aren’t appreciated and your most recent is unnecessary and has absolutely no relevance to the subject matter.

    I have a sense of humour but can find absolutely nothing about your comment amusing. Perhaps your comment was intended to shock well it hasn’t, it’s quite sad really that you should stoop so low.

    Many people enjoy using IHarrow to discuss local issues and frankly you are spoiling it for everyone. Please stop.

    1. garth

      oh come come change old man lets not be such a sour puss im sure you’re the first to tell risque joke or two.

  7. Susan Hall

    mike mcfadden – I do hope that when the paperwork goes through and the fining is brought in that whoever is in charge lets everyone know about the littering fines. I certainly pledge that if we The Conservatives win the election on 22nd then I will make it my job to make sure that the communication around it is robust. I hope that the fear of being fined begins to stop this anti social behaviour. This applies to littering and spitting

  8. Concerned Harrovian

    Stop it the pair of you and Time for Change – I completely agree Garth is certainly a suitable case for treatment. I too apologise for calling Garth a nutter because it is an insult to nutters. Why the puerile remark about Susan Hall’s photograph as it has absolutely nothing to do with Council tax?

    Keep your sick longings for women in authority to yourself.

    1. garth

      ooooh someones tired.

  9. sonoo malkani

    Certainly hope the fines around littering and spitting are applied robustly so we see the benefit for all Harrovians

    .It’s really such a shame that some folk are unable to be civil and seem habitually abuse.Almost a favourite pastime for them.Guess it’s.best to treat them with the contempt they deserve and ignore their abhorrent comments.

    1. garth

      and seem habitually abuse? learn the language old girl.

  10. Concerned Harrovian


    You are hardly in a position to criticise Sonoo Malkani when you spell whether without an “h”. Wether without an “h” is a word for a castrated ram.Also I do not think iharrow.com is an agony aunt column. If you like to spend your time staring at pictures of female councillors I am sure there are other sites you could visit that would accommodate your creepy and weird fantasies

  11. garth

    [Comment removed as it was found to breach our House Rules on user-contributions]

  12. sonoo malkani

    What a sad and sick person you are Garth.I meant “abusive” and made a typing error whereas you are deliberately disgusting and predictably insulting at ALL times.I hate to think what your family has to put up with!UGH!!

  13. garth

    [Comment removed as it was found to breach our House Rules on user-contributions]

  14. Concerned Harrovian

    Wow! Garth you do really dislike women but on second thoughts you seem to hate everyone.. You need to learn the difference between insults and criticism Yours must be a sad and lonely life without friends. Why not think up some positive things to say? Have you ever tried smiling at people?

  15. garth

    im laughing right now at your pathetic posting Wow i think you will have a much happier time in life if you follow my example i know its hard for you but it is ok to have some fun and stop being so serious harrow so lets start with letting you know i adore women i have a wife and two mistresses and a full social life where as i suspect that you live alone maniacally hunched over the pc scowling and raving except for the frequent periods of furious anon ism lol oh well must go off to the coast today with chums if your legs haven’t turned to jelly yet go and open the curtains and let some light in you’re life >)

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