May 13 2014

Labour’s Candidate for Pinner Lives in a Hotel?

vote_tick_boxReviewing the nominations for the 2014 Harrow election, we stumbled across this one – the Labour candidate for Pinner:

Ertugrul KAYA
118/132 Kenton Road, Harrow HA3 8AL

Seemed an odd address, so we dug deeper.

Mr Kaya is a Voluntary Finance Officer for Britain Alevi Federation, where he’s been for three months. Running parallel to that, he is at DK Accountancy in Greenford, perhaps as a partner or director,  for three years. DK Accountancy give their address as 412 Greenford Road..

The home address given by My Kaya on his nomination form seemed odd, so we dug deeper. It seems, according to LinkedIn, that Mr Kaya is an owner of Kenton Kebab of, guess what, 130 Kenton Road in Harrow:

kaya_linkedinSurely, he’s put a Harrow address into the home address box by mistake? Of course, as he works in the borough, he’s eligible to stand as a candidate, but unless he lives in the Kebab House – unlikely, but entirely possible – it must be some mistake. Surely.


We queried the Labour Group offices, and they advised that he lives in the St Nicholas Hotel:


So that clears that up, then.

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