May 13 2014

London MEP Elections – Who to vote for?

vote_tick_boxThe postman dropped off a postal ballot pack today, so we thought it might be useful to report on what’s in there.

  • Ballot form for Election of MEP for London (below)
  • A yellow local councillor ballot form
  • A ‘Quick guide to postal voting’ form (which runs to two A4 pages)
  • A postal voting statement cum envelope (envelope A)
  • A pre-paid envelope for returning the paperwork (envelope B)

The MEP paper runs to over two feet in length, and contains 17 options, for which you have one single vote; the local paper is an A5-sized form, with nine options, for which you have three votes.

Both ballot papers need to be returned to the Civic Centre by 10.00pm on Thursday May 22nd, 2014.




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