May 26 2014

Message from UKIP Harrow

jeremy_zeidHaving watched the media storms, hysteria and concocted outrage over the last fortnight, you could be forgiven for thinking that these elections were on another planet or some unstable regime elsewhere.

We have the spectacle of various “worthies”, politicians, comfortable pundits, “experts” and of course the anything-but-democratic Hard Left rent-a-mob out in force poisoning what should be legitimate debate, swamping them in a sea of accusations designed to close down discussion while maintaining the current cosy status quo. This is not Gutter Politics, it is Sewer Politics and it disgusts us.

The electorate are fed up with these shameless attempts to stifle debate by demonising anyone as some lower life-form who may hold not just a contrary view, but just wish to ask a question.

Haven’t these self-righteous, swaggering, “peoples heroes” learned, that when you stifle debate and marginalise people, it bubbles up elsewhere, often resulting in violence, and I am including in this number, supposedly sensible mainstream politicians from all parties.

So while the other parties play the race card at each and every opportunity, slagging each other off, pointing fingers, it is instructive that the word on the doorstep is that these people who scream “racist” at the first opportunity, are considered the real racists. There is real disgust, across the community, at the discord and division that these so-called “anti-racists” are stirring up, in their bid to be seen as “right on”.

The problem with these patronising prigs is that they cannot see it, because of their innate belief in their own superiority over us mere plebs.

Sorry, but these people DISGUST ME. They are the real nasty parties who have dragged politics so low into the sewer that even the rats have fled.

But one thing that has stood out is the complete and utter lack of respect for those who are forced to watch this circus and pay for it, the electorate.

So here it is folks.

Check out our MAINTENANCE MANIFESTO for Harrow, a simple series of pledges to undo and repair years of neglect. While the other parties make grand promises with your money to make themselves look good, we prefer to repair our rotten roads and pavements. Our legacy will be a decent well maintained borough, not some pointless edifice while the rest rots.

We are the only party that are here for everybody and have stated so, clearly and unequivocally, indeed, I have been actively fighting racism and prejudice for over 40 years.

We do not play Race Politics and we will not treat you like infants. In the end, you will make up your own mind, that’s real democracy.

In some countries, people trek for days in dreadful conditions to get to the polling stations to use their precious democratic right to vote. If here in Harrow, we cannot be bothered to walk a couple of hundred yards because there’s something on TV, what does that say about us? More to the point, what does is say about our politicians?

On Thursday 22nd May, it is ELECTION DAY; it’s time to make a choice: More of the same offensive tosh and name-calling; or a fresh start and taking back some of our respect.

All I can say is; use your vote, preferably by voting for UKIP and our local team; but whatever you do don’t stay at home, or someone else will be deciding your future.

[warning]This post was originally published on May 21, 2014, but for some odd reason, disappeared between then and now. It’s been re-published for the sake of completeness.[/warning]

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  1. John Clement

    I don’t think the residents of Harrow are very politically aware anyone who reads this site would think twice about voting Labour, although one of my 3 Labour councillors is a good local representative and thus got my vote. It is utterley futile that the voters use local elections to put a warning shot across the national parties, instead of just electing who is best for the local community. Labour/Tory & Lib may well adjust their promises & slogans, but this will not be reflected in anything they actually do, if they are elected.

  2. Susan Hall

    John, one of your comments is not actually fair. The minute we came to power we said we would reduce Council Tax despite it being set to increase – we reduced it. We said we would clean the Borough – we cleaned it and reversed the ridiculous cuts Labour had made to cleaning and caring for our borough, we said we would support the safer agenda. We worked for 8 months closely with the Police and have seen record results. We promised to support Neighbourhood Champions and I assisted in training dozens more. We said we would make things fairer and we set to on dealing with beds in sheds, fraud, planning enforcement and anti scoial behaviour. We also put more funding into childrens social workers to safeguard the most vulnerable. Criticise what we did if you like but please don’t say we don’t keep our promises. There was nothing in our maniesto that I would not have made sure we delivered. In just 8 months the borough was cleaner, safer and fairer – just as we promised it would be.

    1. Harrow Dude

      Susie tell me again how much you ‘reduced’ my Council Tax by?
      If memory serves me correctly you said and I quote…

      “A council tax freeze is now the minimum any efficient local authority should deliver. My Conservative administration is going to go further and look to cut council tax in future years, and that is my pledge.”

      So Susie to say you reduced Council Tax is been somewhat mendacious with the facts unless of course as Leader you were bestowed the to power of time travel.
      As for your manifesto it was just that, a declaration of intentions but when asked how you were going to attain your ambitious intentions you always failed to explain.

      PROMISE is just a word. No deeper meaning. No one can depend on promises.

      1. Susan Hall

        Gary it was due to go up by 2% as the Labour Council had passed a 2 year budget. We removed the increase. You know this full well but as always just knock everything the Tories do

        1. Harrow Dude

          Susie, two things…

          Firstly even with your dexterity in political parlance you must realise that if something has not been increased (which it wasn’t) does not mean it has been reduced.
          For example if I am your landlord and I tell you that next year I am going to increase your rent by £300 per month…but in the meantime I sell your property to another landlord and he/she decides that they are going to leave your rent at it’s current rate then your rent has not been reduced it has stayed same. Admittedly maths is not my strong point but surely if you reduced Council Tax it would be less than before?

          Spin it all you like Susie you did not reduce Council Tax. What you did was take advantage of the £550 million in extra Whitehall grants to local authorities that freeze their bills from this April. Now there is nothing particularly wrong with that if you are transparent in how you are funding your 8 month probationary stint as leader but that never really happened.

          Susie please tell us how much you actually spent in your 8 months at the helm of Harrow?

          Secondly stop calling me Gary for that is not my name, to keep calling me Gary would suggest that you are Dudelusional…

  3. sonoo malkani

    With all due respect.Cllr Hall has done all the things listed above in a short spell of eight months.Credit where credit is due!A fairly large number of tasks were completed as promised.

    1. Harrow Dude

      With all due respect Sonoo whilst wearing your crimson coloured blinkers you are duty bound to buttress your Leader, but can you tell us how much Susie spent in 8 months? Can you demonstrate how Susie intended to fund the things she promised to deliver?

      These days too many of us seem inclined to cover our ears, close our eyes, and blindly follow the most narrow, conservative tenets of politics. You may fear challenging those at the top but I do not run away from a challenge because I am afraid. Instead, I run toward it For that is my egalitarian right.

      As residents we ask questions… You know what they say “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”

      1. Susan Hall

        Now now Gary, I am surprised that you are still lashing out. Your Labour friends are to be in power and that has always suited you best, or do you think they might also have tired of your ever demanding requests? Whatever, you should not attack the likes of Sonoo who works hard and certainly means well. Just carry on with your ridiculous questions that you know the answers to. All the money I spent and saved is well documented. Interesting that you moaned when I removed the post of Chief Executive at a saving of 1m over 4 years, you moaned when I spent money cleaning up the borough, which is what residents wanted. The simple fact is you moan all the time. That’s fine but pick on Politicians like me who put themselves in the public eye not innocent members of the public.

        1. Harrow Dude

          Susie, three things.

          Firstly I have not attacked Sonoo I have only asked a valid question of one of your ardent supporters. As such I have asked if she has had a reduction in her Council Tax because I haven’t.

          Secondly whether you think my questions are ridiculous is of no consequence, a straight forward answer is all that is needed.
          How much have you spent in your 8 months at the helm Susie?

          Thirdly stop calling me Gary….Surely your Dudelusional behavior will become a cause for concern amongst your peers.

  4. John Clement

    Madam former ex-mayor I have no critiscism of what you did in council and would rather that you were still in power instead of Labour who I think are incompetent and represent vested interests. My critiscism was meant for national parties. The UKIP vote was mainly not about europe, but anti mass immigration. None of the main parties seem willing to accept this or address the issue.for my part I welcome immigrants from anywhere who are honest, hardworking & net taxpayers who are doing none minimum wage jobs.

  5. silly mid on

    hello cllr hall i wonder if you could help me i am new to harrow and looking for a medium term lodging /hotel in central harrow i am making three short films in and around the area albeit on a fairly tight budget i would appreciate any help you could give me thanks.

  6. Susan Hall

    Hello, I think your best bet is to read our exceptionally good local papers as they carry current details or contact our local estate agents here in Harrow or look on gumtree.com.

    1. silly mid on

      hi thanks very much for the advice i am sorted now the harrow observer had an excelent choice much appreciate your help i will make sure that you get a mention in the credits at the end of our montage cheers sue

  7. sonoo malkani

    Harrow Dude
    Please stop attacking whoever stands up to you.You are the one who is delusional!
    I do not HAVE TO FOLLOW or protect ANYBODY,let alone Cllr Hall who is perfectly capable of fighting her own battles.Which planet are you living on?

    I am not a politician,just a humble house-wife and citizen of Harrow who is equally interested in transparency and accountability.I have spent over four decades volunteering,not for fun and games but to help make a difference.

    I fear NOBODY—neither at the top end or at the bottom –meaning criminals and thugs.I grew up surrounded by police officers serving us and also have many family members in the Army.

    Don’t ever imagine I am afraid to challenge anybody,should I FEEL the NEED to do so,including folk like yourself.

    1. Harrow Dude

      “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”
      Nonetheless a simple no would have sufficed….

  8. Harrow Dude

    Sonoo while we are deliberating…Can you tell me how much your Council Tax has been reduced?

  9. Concerned Harrovian

    Harrow Dude

    Why not do as Paul Boakes does and submit a FOI for the information you require? If you are then not satisfied then you can then bring it to the public’s attention. Why is it up to Sonoo Malkani to produce the evidence you require?

    She was merely stating that she was happy with Cllr Hall’s achievements.

  10. Harrow Dude

    Concerned Harrovian I did not think an FOI would be needed as Sonno stated
    “With all due respect.Cllr Hall has done all the things listed above in a short spell of eight months”
    As Susie and I have different opinions on what the word reduced actually means I think it is reasonable to ask one of Susie’s flowers for her opinion.

    In all fairness an FOI is pointless as my Council Tax is not less than it was last year therefore it has not been reduced.

    Over to you Sonoo…

  11. john ryder

    im confused who is gary? why does sue call the dude gary?this site is very confusing does eveyone always argue ?and whats a sonoo ? im not coming on here again it seems a bit crazy

    1. Harrow Dude

      I’m me, Gary is Gary and Susie is Dudelusional.
      Hope that helps…

  12. john ryder

    ok thanks dude from what i have read that sue seems really grumpy and agressive you seem like a reasonable guy why does that sue be so nasty to you its not nice is it?please not to let her spoil tour days dude .

  13. sonoo malkani

    Harrow Dude
    How petty can one get!What diet do you follow?You have flights of fancy which are beyond my ken.You know how silly it is to even SUGGEST Cllr Hall would reduce my Council Tax or that of any other citizen.That’s a howler!You really are clutching at straws.It seems you take great delight in setting off on pointless “fishing expeditions”.Get a life —a constructive one ,I mean!Get off her back and get on with your own life.

    I happen to admire people from our communities and political parties right across the board and have openly praised their good works.You must really be more thorough in yoiur research and apply yourself diligently to your home-work.

    1. Harrow Dude

      With all due respect Sonoo I didn’t suggest it your home-girl Susie did…

  14. sonoo malkani

    Delusional Dude!

  15. Harrow Dude

    Well done, I see what you did there Sonoo but you should not be so imprudent, one must never confuse having a delusion with acknowledging a possibility

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