Oct 06 2012

Sky High-Speed Fibre Broadband Trial in South Harrow – Still Down

Those customer of Sky’s high-speed fibre-to-the-home trial in South Harrow, who’ve been enjoying speeds of up to 100 Mbit/s for the last year – for free! – will have noticed that the service has been down since about 00.30 on Tuesday morning due to a fault. No amount of switching the router off/on will restore service, as it’s a problem at the exchange with the equipment that delivers this cutting-edge service to those on the trial.

Sky are working on the issue, although the problem is compounded by the equipment being uniquely configured for the trial service, and we understand that Sky have been calling those customers concerned to advise them of the outage, and asking them to switch back to their original, slower, broadband, until the fault is fixed.

Sky’s Next Generation Broadband support team can be reached on 0800 053 0201 during office hours.

According to our information, this is the first major outage to the trial service since it’s installation over a year ago. It’s a trial: these things happen.

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