May 19 2014

Theresa May Visits Harrow

susan_hall_3Home Secretary Theresa May visited Harrow this morning meeting, amongst others, Council Leader Cllr. Susan Hall and Rayners Lane candidates Cllrs. Joyce Nickolay, John Nickolay and Mrs. Lesline Lawson. The Home Secretary discussed matters ranging from Harrow’s Neighbourhood Champions scheme and the Conservative administration’s work on tackling Beds in Sheds, to immigration policy. She then had an opportunity to discusses issues with local residents when she joined councillors in a campaigning session for the local elections on 22nd May.

Cllr. Susan Hall, Leader of the Council, said: “We’re very grateful to the Home Secretary for coming, and for showing an interest in some of the exciting projects we have in Harrow. She was particularly interested in our decision to have the whole borough heat-mapped, to help identify illegal beds in sheds developments and cannabis factories. She was also keen to hear about Neighbourhood Champions, and the vital role they play in helping keep Harrow cleaner and safer by reporting problems in their streets back to the Council.”

tm1 tm3 tm4 tm5 tm6She continued, “I’m really pleased that we’ve now had visits from David Cameron and Theresa May – not to mention two from Boris Johnson – and that some of the exciting schemes we’ve introduced into Harrow have always been front and centre of our discussions. It’s clear the Government and the Mayor have really taken an interest in some of the things we’re doing, and that under the Conservatives Harrow has become a trailblazing borough for these sort of bold initiatives.”


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  1. sonoo malkani

    Great photos showing members of public and local shops in Rayners Lane.Well done,Susan!Bringing David Cameron and Boris last week and now Theresa May to Harrow-a big honour and bonus for Harrow.Fantastic opportunity for ordinary folk to meet with the people at the top.however briefly,in a very spontaneous manner and have their say.

    I had the good fortune to bump into Theresa May as the party was out ,walking around Rayners Lane shops on Monday.Very pleasantly surprised and exciting for local residents.

    I can’t thank the Home Secretary enough for the manner in which she persisted and finally rid us of Abu Qatada from our borough,when others had failed so miserably..I am sure she will bear in mind that Harrovians cannot stomach terrorists of any ilk.Keep flying the flag for Harrow.!

  2. fast and furious

    how can you stand next to that new world order witch if she has her way there will be no freedom no wonder she has diabetes god pays debts without money .BY THEIR DEEDS YOU SHALL KNOW THEM

  3. Concerned Harrovian

    fast and furious

    Wishing God to give an illness to people you disagree with is hardly a spiritual thing to do. Also using the term witch is cheap abuse. I agree BY YOUR DEEDS YOU SHALL YOU KNOW THEM. I expect the next thing you will say is “God on our side”.


    she has diabetes i didn’t wish it on her please get your facts straight she is a witch and on the side of pure evil your a naive fool if you think not but dont worry when you and your nearest and dearest are chipped like animals and have had all your freedom taking away you can thank the likes of dear old Theresa.telling the truth in a time of tyranny is a revolutionary act .you cannot serve god and mammon MARANATHA

  5. Concerned Harrovian

    Fast and furious

    Have you considered it might benefit your spiritual life to practise medita meditation like the Buddhists? That is a term that means taking a vicarious pleasure in other people’s good fortune.


    by that you mean side with evil no i will not but please be my guest if that is what you wish to do remember narrow is the path and few who enter on to it i am a christian not a Buddhist must we stand by and let evil do its thing NO I WILL NOT the time has come to sort the wheat from the tears will you fold and stand on the side of satan in these last days i hope not for the wages of sin is death harrovian

  7. sonoo malkani

    Astounding.It seems some folk in our borough have forgotten that being abusive or wishing illness or bad luck on others is self-defeating.All it does is poison your own system and destroy your own well-being.

    The vibrations you create inevitably come back full circle to YOU!!A lot of the bad-mouthing is simple jealousy when somebody else is successful and upwardly mobile.Get over it!

    A bit of MEDITATION and SOUL-SEARCHING would not be a bad idea.It’s perfectly ok to hate policies and ideas.you disagree with but not to be HATE-FILLED and VICIOUSLY attack others verbally.


    [Comment removed as it was found to breach our House Rules on user-contributions]

  9. sonoo malkani

    So you now have a problem with Asians as well and are so certain about burning in hell!Not the teachings of Jesus or ANY CHRISTIAN.Everyone it seems is retarded or whatever–apart from yourself!??YOU wake up before it’s too late and are forced to face hell and damnation.Dr Justice.

  10. Concerned Harrovian


    I think you have a condition called schadenfreude (taking pleasure in someone else’s misfortune).

    I am sure that Christians are not meant to sit there gleefully warming their hands at the thought that people they disagree with will burn in hell fire. I am not sure which copy of the bible you are reading. I suggest you turn the bible the right way up to read it. It might make more sense to you.

  11. sonoo malkani

    Pray for this misguided person so he/she is not at the receiving end of the brand of “Justice” being meted out willy-nilly to other citizens.

    Seems to take extreme pleasure in insulting others eg calling me a”RETARD”..Very sadistic person indeed,reveling in another’s misfortune.Most UNCHRISTIAN-like and desperately in need of help.Should study the Ten Commandments before professing to be a follower of Jesus.Ever implement the precious teachings??

    1. GARTH

      [Comment removed as it was found to breach our House Rules on user-contributions]

  12. sonoo malkani

    You must be off your rocker,Garth,to make out that ANYBODY in their right mind would FORGIVE OR FORGET what happened to Lee Rigby.It’s not MY religion or beliefs you should be focussing on and insinuating totally incorrectly that English soldiers do not matter to us.
    In fact,I was outraged along with thousands,all over the UK and throughout the world at this barbarous murder in broad daylight on our own streets.That was really surreal and completely unforgivable.You really must learn to think before you speak.

    You have absolutely NO IDEA what you are rabbiting on about.and should have attended the public and Police meetings arranged locally to hear for yourself how we all paid tributes and expressed our outraged.Pity people like you hide away and don’t have the guts to come out in public and say their piece.They would soon hear what the rest of Harrow has to say.

    Like it or not,people from different parts of the world have lived here and made huge contributions to our community,not to mention its economy.It’s time you grew up and faced those facts and stopped attacking us.We are all BRITISH CITIZENS and just as loyal as the next person.I am all in favour of stricter border controls as well as sending back criminals to their countries of origin to serve their sentences..

    Your frustration should be aimed at those wonderful people in Brussels who have given the UK such a rotten deal and tied our hands so that we are powerless stop the rot.We have to accept all and sundry from the EU.That’s frustrating for ALL of us.Nobody wishes England to be used and abused,for free-loaders from ANY part of the world.

    I suggest you take a lively interest in politics and GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT to enable you to make sensible,,balanced comments.

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