May 21 2014

West Harrow Willy says: “How disrespectful can Labour get?”

labour_bad_parkingWest Harrow Willy says:  “How disrespectful can Labour get?”

I took this picture at around 12:15pm today.  It shows a Labour Group member’s car illegally parked on the pavement right outside their office.  Not only is this an offence that damages the pavement and thus costs the local authority money to fix, it is also an extremely disrespectful kick in the teeth to the owner of the hairdressers’ shop in that parade who complained to Gareth Thomas about her elderly and her disabled clients’ drivers getting nicked for being dropped off on that bit of wide pavement, in order for them to have less of a walk to the shop door.
If the elderly and the disabled have to comply, why can’t Labour?
It also beggers belief that a political party that aspires to run the local authority would undertake such a “one rule for us, another rule for them” attitude the day before a local election.
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  1. careful driver

    agree with the comment harrow council mobile camera fines you for 2 wheels on the kerb (usually in narrow road where all people can park without obstructing pedestrians)
    whole car on shopfront that crosses footpath , should be clamp and 6 pts

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