May 19 2014

West Harrow Willy says: Labour STILL can’t add-up!

west_harrow_willyWe already know that Labour don’t know the difference between a “2” and a “3” from their false claim that they froze Council Tax for 3 years when they actually only froze it for 2. Today, however, I discovered more worrying evidence that this alleged administration-in-waiting ALSO don’t know the difference between a “4” and a “5”.

They have plastered their office window in Blenheim Road with “Vote Labour” posters that proudly proclaim “only 4 days to go!” But hang on a minute – today (at the time of writing) is SUNDAY! So if the election isn’t until Thursday, then Sunday (1), Monday (2), Tuesday (3), Wednesday (4), Thursday…makes FIVE!! The election is FIVE days away from when you put your poster up, Labour, NOT four days!

There’s a very good primary school right opposite the Labour Party office in Blenheim Road – maybe the Labour Group members should enroll – in the MATHS CLASS!

labour_countdownAdministration in waiting? Well I just hope you do wait – at least until you can all tell the difference between a “2” and a “3”, and a “4” and a “5”.

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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    Perhaps they could count using their fingers and toes. The five fingers on only just one hand should do it for calculating the days to voting day. . If they can’t use modern technology maybe an abacus would be of help. Would you be able to claim for an abacus on councillor expenses?

    This raises a question about budget setting for Harrow council that is worrying!

  2. A. Pais

    Labour or Independent Labour, same difference. Although I am no great fan of Labour’s record on education, there might be a good explanation for this. I believe the polling stations open in the morning. Assuming the posters were put up on Sunday morning – Sunday morning to Monday morning makes one day, Tuesday morning 2, Wednesday morning 3, Thursday morning 4. There you have it! It is the numbers after 5 that worry me judging from the mess Labour made nationally and in Harrow. Think of the Cost of Ling Crisis. Labour has one neat solution to the problem, it equates to all of us being paupers and receiving benefits.

  3. johnratcliff28

    i’m afraid that’s nonsense, Willy. You’ve made the mistake of counting the current day in your calculation. Let’s repeat it, shall we?.

    It was Sunday, so, now that it’s Monday, one day has gone. By tomorrow (Tuesday) 2 days would have gone. By Wednesday, 3 days. And by polling day on Thursday, 4 days would have elapsed. QED (as we mathematicians would say).

  4. Luke

    Another busy day for you, Willy. Campaigning outside the Labour Office must be a new low, surely?

    1. Cllr Willy Stoodley

      Outside the Labour office is in the ward I’m running in-how is that “low”??

      1. Luke

        Imagine the number of residents you could have tried to mislead in the time it took you to write that article, Willy. Seems like such a waste.

        1. Cllr Willy Stoodley

          Ah I see-so you’re not answering my original question and instead moving on to another topic. Okay, so then how is a leaflet entitled “West Harrow Willy reveals Labour’s lies” misleading residents into thinking I’m Labour? (lol!). And I wrote that article after 8:30pm-the time at which I stop canvassing out of courtesy so as not to disturb residents late in the evening – but hey if you want to knock on doors after 8:30pm and disturb people please don’t let me stop you…

  5. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    @John-why then doesn’t Sunday count? The poll closes 10pm Thursday-those posters were already in the office window first thing Sunday morning. That leaves voters all day Sunday, all day Monday, all day Tuesday, all day Wednesday, and all day Thursday. That adds up to five days. So thank you for proving my point-Labour can’t add up. Quod Erat Demonstratum as those of us who studied Latin say. Or LOL – take your pick-you still can’t add up John, and you certainly can’t spin…so don’t give up the day job!

  6. 1+1=3?

    Sorry Willy, but John is right.

    Assuming a day is 24 hours, and assuming the posters weren’t up before 7:00 yesterday morning, and assuming the polling stations open at 7:00 on Thursday, then from Sunday to Thursday is 4 days.

    IYWSEIAMC or itsyouwhoshouldenrollinamathsclass as us plain speakers would say.

    1. Cllr Willy Stoodley

      No because the citizens can vote until 10pm so the opening time of the polling station is irrelevant – it’s the closing time that counts. By way of clarification I asked a barmaid in wetherspoons this evening if she did a shift on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and was paid for 4 shifts would that be right? She IMMEDIATELY said “NO”!! Bottom line is that a voter, should they choose to, can vote at 10pm on Thursday and that Labour poster went up on Sunday morning and that is FIVE days, NOT four!

      1. 1+1=3

        I disagree – It’s the start time that counts – not the closing time.

        The posters say “4 days left” and one assumes that they don’t mean until the polls are closed !

        But I guess getting you to admit that you are wrong is like getting the voters in West Harrow to vote for you – IMPOSSIBLE !

        Ha Ha Ha LOL !!!

        1. Cllr Willy Stoodley

          The poster said “days” – Sunday morning to Thursday evening is 5 days – a fact. Same as Harrow Labour’s inability to add up – also apparently a fact!

          1. 1+1=3

            So I was right – you can’t admit your wrong !

            What is the relevance of Thursday evening – Polling Day starts in the morning – a fact.

            Has too much time with the barmaid in Wetherspoons addled your brain LOL LOL !!!


    thinking of counting. none of the parties bothered to count the immigration numbers over last decade. now it starts to show in job shortages, house shortages, hosp patients trebling.
    the only answer they can give is leave london its cheaper everywhere else. look at all the schools in harrow 80% immigrants, visit A/E 80% immigrants, but luckily there is an answer

    1. Cllr Willy Stoodley

      Ukip fielded only 9 candidates in Harrow – we fielded 47.

  8. CamroseRob

    Is it 4 days until you can vote or 5 days until the polls close?
    You can be both right if you choose to but who cares when there are so many more important issues than counting days of the week.

    1. 1+1=3

      What can possibly be more important than proving that Willy has got something wrong !

      …and I am sure there are much more important things for a councillor to attend to but no doubt he will pick me up on using the word ‘your’ rather than ‘you’re’ in my last post !

      1. Cllr Willy Stoodley

        So why have Harrow Labour taken down that countdown sign then?! Could it be that I’m RIGHT??!!!! The point is, a voter can choose to vote at 10pm-that = 5 days…

        1. 1+1=3

          Well, let’s just say both you and Labour are right

          …. you’re right if voters vote at 10:00 pm and Labour are right if they vote at 7:00 am.

          I’ll live with that.

          Must rankle a bit though for you to be in agreement with Labour !!! LOL

  9. Captain Abe

    Willy, I don’t think numbers are your strongpoint.
    Is it true that you only received 1 vote to be a portfolio holder last year at the Labour Group AGM?
    Presumably that was your own vote but as it was a secret ballot no one was quite sure at the time. 🙂

    1. Cllr Willy Stoodley

      You’re entitled to your opinion!

  10. King David

    Captain Abe – Are you a Labour Cllr who was at the AGM ? but never mind. You forget that Willy was appointed unanimously as the Labour Group Chair – a fact.

    Also do remind us how many votes Sue Anderson got for the leadership? and how many times that win by Thaya was recounted – was it 2 or 3… or may be 4? Awaiting the spin.

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