Sep 30 2011

Flytipping – Wyvenhoe Road

Yet again, we see flytipping in the service roads which run along the rear of the properties on Northolt Road. Today’s example is a three sofas, dumped in the alley which runs from Wyvenhoe Road to Scarsdale Road.

Because the service road is privately owned – the owner of each property owns their particular segment of the alley – the Council won’t routinely collect these items. The only real hope is for residents to hope that Community Payback will ‘sweep’ the area, or, perhaps – and I don’t know that this has been tried – making representations to the Council that this could obstruct access for fire engines.

You can arrange for bulky waste to be collected, at a price. As an example, the items shown in the photo would have cost over £75 for the Council to collect from you. If Harrow truly wants to minimise flytipping, it needs to look – carefully – at the prices it charges for these collections, as the view of many would likely be that it’s simply too high.


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