Nov 08 2015

17-Year Old Stabbed to Death in Kenton

police_bmw_150x150According to the BBC: “A teenager has been stabbed to death in north-west London. The 17-year-old was found with a stab injury to the chest by police at about 00:36 GMT on Belvedere Way in Kenton, Harrow. He died at the scene. The Met said a 16-year-old was also found with stab injuries. He was flown to hospital by the Air Ambulance and is in a stable condition.”

The Standard reports two people have been arrested in connection with the attacks.

Anyone with information should call police on 101 – quoting CAD 388/8Nov – or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or via crimestoppers-uk.org.


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  1. red mirror

    how tragic god bless the parents .well i don’t wish to be insensitive but if previous female councillors had maybe just tried to reach out to the youth and the disenfranchised of harrow instead of grandstanding and showboating in quiet well ordered pubs annoying hard working people or flying around in helicopters to find poor wretches in sheds maybe JUST MAYBE FOR ONCE SAID COUNCILLORS COULD HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE YOU SEE ITS ABOUT PEOPLE NOT NUMBERS OR BINS OR BUCKETS OF COLD WATER PLAIN EVERY DAY PEOPLE LOVE NOT RHETORIC LOVE NOT VICTIMISATION LOVE NOT HARASSMENT FOR BEING POOR OR HOMELESS as jesus said love thy neighbour even if he dwells in a shed.

    1. Red 60

      Do you honestly think that one person could have made any difference to this murderer with a knife. You mention God and Jesus, shouldn’t one of them made a difference???

      Previous female councillors were trying to make Harrow a better place to live, cleaning it up and having faith in the local police. I think Social Services would have a better impact on this murderer than any councillors ever could!

      I think we should stop looking to the past and start looking to the future to ensure this behaviour stops and no more parents have to go through the agony that these poor parents have.

      Ps the Government isn’t blameless either, stop and search should be brought back with a vengeance. I know my son and daughter wouldn’t bat an eyelid if they were searched on a daily basis, as they have nothing to hide!

      1. red mirror

        one person can change the whole world .previous councilors trying?by showing how tolerant and caring of the poor by hounding beds in sheds harassing folk in their local pub after work and parading themselves for cheap self promotion how many talks at schools did she give how many youth clubs did she visit?hmmmm listen coming from a certain social strata and having an elitist nonchalant attitude does not engender trust or confidence especially in an already disaffected youth .until there is inclusion at every level of society sadly this scenario will recur i just hope red that next time it isn’t too close to your home by the way jesus forgave us and died for us it wasn’t nails that held him to that cross it was his love for you.

      2. red mirror

        ps stop and search? you mean the same stop and search that lead to broadwater farm and the brixton riots?i wonder red how your two little darlings would feel if every time they stepped out the door they were shoved up against a wall humiliated and made to feel like xxxx GREAT solution obviously you were never at the business end of a truncheon for just being young and on the street LISTEN ANYONE WHO WOULD GIVE UP THEIR PERSONAL FREEDOM FOR PEACE AND SAFETY DESERVES NEITHER .i don’t have all the answers no one does but i can see what has is and will continue happening to the youth of the uk with the current mind set of not being responsible collectively as a society for the ils that blight it.

  2. sonoo malkani

    This is rather shocking–one young lad has died and another has been flown by Air Ambulance to hospital,for stab injuries.Fortunately his condition is stable.Two people have been arrested for questioning.That gives some re-assurance.All the same it is extremely worrying that stabbing has reared its ugly head in Harrow as has already happened in many London boroughs.We simply cannot afford to allow our young men to carry on in this vein.It’s time we started a full-fledged campaign against knife crime as we have done in the past when such incidents occurred.Some of you may remember it well.

    The Metropolitan Police Commissioner,Bernard Hogan-Howe feels strongly that more Stop and Search is required so that perpetrators of knife crime can be taken out of circulation before they do any damage.One has to make sure that this is done in the most professional way possible so we do not end up alienating any particular section of our community.Of course,a balance must be struck.After all,saving lives and preventing crime takes priority over anything else.Stop & Search will have to be re-started in the way we had it before,with safe-guards introduced to prevent disproportionality issues from developing.

    It is absolutely essential that our youths realise that carrying a knife,even for the purpose of defending themselves(which often proves to be wrong)is a CRIME.They can end up with a criminal record!We must refresh the minds of our local youths about KNIFE CRIME and the dangers.We need to educate our young ones in Secondary Schools and deter large outlets and super-markets who often have knives on special offer at this time of year.This worked well in Harrow.

    Hope and pray the second young man has recovered and that those who killed the first young man be brought to book very soon.

  3. sonoo malkani

    I saw a picture of the road in which this appalling murder occured.It said the London Borough of Brent.Is this on the boundary which is shared with Harrow?In any event the whole thing is so tragic.Parents of the victim must be devastated.A charitable fund has been started in his name.

    It seems a 14 year old has been arrested today in connection with this heinous crime.Motive is still not known.Perhaps the Police will release more details once the investigation progresses.Cannot imagine why such a young man would commit something so horrendous.There is much learning for all of us.

  4. Someonewhocares

    With this particular tragedy and similar gratuitous events nearby (in Eastcote and Ruislip) it must make us wonder ‘why’ – for example is it all the violence on TV and video ‘games’ which ‘normalises’ this type of behaviour for our youngsters? It seems such kids carry knives now the way we used to carry combs in the past. Why? And ‘Stop and search’ MUST help reduce this and yet it is ‘resisted’ Why?

  5. sonoo malkani

    Let’s stop bickering and being petty in the face of a “common enemy”–Knife stabbings which cost precious lives.We need MORE ROBUST STOP & SEARCH restored as soon as possible,more potential criminals stopped in their tracks before they cause damage to London’s youths and PREVENTION of any stabbings at all since this makes everybody fearful.It has to STOP

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