Mar 16 2011

Safer Neighbourhoods Teams – changes?

An extract from the blog for Dal Babu – Borough Commander of Harrow Police…  It seems to mark the beginning of the end for the Safer Neighbourhoods Team, and, in particular, the idea of ‘ring fencing’ resources.

The joint Ward Panel Meeting, was held at the Civic Centre on Thursday evening. I met with ward panel chairs and local residents and explained to them the proposed policing plan around Safer Neighbourhoods teams. The proposed plan is that we would retain the same amount of police officers and PCSOs as we have at present under the current model, however with the help of a newly formed Community Board, those officers could be deployed to crime and anti-social behaviour hot-spots on the borough, allowing us greater flexibility. I am pleased to say that the Chairs of the Safer Neighbourhoods ward panels endorsed the proposal, however I must stress that no final decisions have been made. We await guidance from the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) as to the future model for Harrow.

You can read the full blog here at the Harrow Times website.

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