Jan 09 2017

Another day, another stabbing in South Harrow?

police_jacketAnother day, another stabbing in South Harrow?

The area by South Harrow station, on Northolt Road, seems to be a no-go area these days, after another youth was left with cuts to his face and stomach after the incident on the evening of Sunday 8th January.

The attack happened just yards from where another student was knifed to death less than two months ago. Fortunately, Sunday’s attack saw the 19-year old treated and released from hospital.

South Harrow is rapidly becoming an area where these types of events are are too common. Only a week ago, another incident in Roxeth Recreation Ground saw an area cordoned off and guarded for over 24 hours – standard protocol when protecting a crime scene.

Harrow Police have been asked to comment.

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    well if HARROW COUNCIL trained all the cctv back onto the traffic junctions that would detect these guys when they leave [ camers are all trained on bus stops and parking to issue fines

    1. Someonewhocares

      A very good point – since presumably giving an easy-to-identify motorist a fine for encroaching on Bus Stop thus generates revenue for the Council but preventing violent crimes does not?

  2. Mike McFadden

    The police wont comment because they know its their actions and Harrow’s stupidity following their Multicultural nonsense that’s at the route of these problems.!

    The real problem is Harrow’s Labour council wants to be all things to all people. However, that’s not life.
    (1) How many people in Harrow that should not even be in the country?

    (2) Harrow council has gone over board destroying the family and family life the with the out of control building of sheds in beds and HMO’s. Very profitable for those breaking all the rules of the English way of life but no good whatsoever for public cohesion. People arriving here for a short period have no connection with the borough or even the country want to take and take but never contribute just talk about doing so.

    (3) Houses now look like slums with white van man parking every where. If Harrow wants to get real ban all vehicles over a certain size being parked on what was the from gardens. Also make it an offense to park vans outside someone else house.

    (4) Those found littering must be hit with large fines stating at £125 upwards.

    (5) Those building grotesque HMO dwelling, such as beds in sheds must be fined £5,000 upwards.

    (6) Police that fail to act because of Political Correctness must be jailed for dereliction of duty.

    Now that should put the cat amongst the pigeons and get all the luvvies winging their hands spouting all their isms and racists comments while hiding behind their lying and denying.

    You couldn’t make it up. Subterfuge is destroying our way of life bit by bit. Use your vote remember not voting is consent to cheat.

    Ave a nice day.

    Regards Mike McFadden

    1. Someonewhocares

      Surely you missed “public floggings for all those with views different to yours” Alf?

      Note that you really MUST learn to research all the FACTS further before listing such demands (otherwise your unfamiliarity with the way it really works might become an embarrassment to you, if possible)

      -Obviously you use your (all-too-familiar-and-irrelevant) rants Alf as form of catharsis rather than actually doing anything positive (which I doubt you are capable of)… since if you use the same kind of terminology in your claimed interactions with MPs and the Council (etc) no wonder they simply ignore you!

      Your similarity to Alf Garnett was noted a while ago, but this may have been rather unfair – as HE was merely something of an ‘Imperialist’ whereas YOU are much closer to a ‘FACIST’!.

      Indeed are basically a Far-Right Extremist – and you do seem to be getting even worse now. If you are unable to realise that then can I suggest you ‘talk with somebody’ about it, and soon?Interesting to see you have recruited ‘ricky123’ into your misguided “Facist Cell” now so do take him along to the therapist too. Failing that can I suggest you both move to North Korea as the authorities there certainly seem to share your predominant ‘values’?

  3. ricky123

    Well said Mike. Now we will see all the do-gooders etc etc have a go at you. I have an idea let all these multi cultural lovers/do-gooders give us their addresses and all these people that should not even be here go and live in their front room. Lets see them change their tune immediately, its fashion for these people not to support the likes of UKIP etc just to show everyone I AM NOT RACIST. They are HYPOCRITES that are not needed.

  4. ricky123

    Lets have your address someonewhocares and we can move them all into your house and you can all live happily together in your make believe world that everything is fantastic.

  5. Someonewhocares

    What ? Who said ‘everything was fantastic’ ? It’s just not as bad as Alf likes to paint it!

    -As for your other ridiculous remark/s presumably you must know *their* addresses – and if they really do not have legitimate reasons to be here – why not send these details to the authorities as a civic duty (ie. if your ‘Cell’ allows this)? Talk about ‘missing the point’ though!

    However if (unlike Alf) you are maybe more open-minded (and able to refer to Public Domain Data) I suggest you study the links below; As I have mentioned before on this blog *ID Cards* could have resolved much of this ‘immigration over-reaction’ and *before* it all happened.

    The Cards were introduced by Labour and removed by ‘another’ Government in 2011:-


  6. ricky123

    Someonewhocares you say “It’s just not as bad as Alf likes to paint it!”
    if you think its not as bad as overcrowding (20 to a house), school kids learning being held back because the lack of the English language, going to the supermarket and dont hear a word of English spoken, European supermarkets taking over the high streets open all day and night, rubbish being dumped as they do in their country, gangs of men hanging around street corners drinking and shouting at woman going by, the rise in crime, not being able to go to B&Q without being harassed by gangs of men asking for work and abusing you if you ignore them, hundreds of vans and cars with R on their number plates, Vans parking anywhere they like, bringing their culture over here that nobody wants, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc
    Your Wrong, it is very bad and getting more worse by the day.
    I want to change your name to someonewhodontcareaboutourcountry
    PS, we should have bought ID cards in years ago.

    1. Someonewhocares

      That’s ‘great’ ricky123, but, other than complaining on here what are you actually doing about it all (other than blaming such folks I mean)? Who caused all this in the first case? – because it wasn’t “those people”. Yes we should have had ID Cards years ago, that’s the point – but our ‘Coalition Government’ pulled them (as in those links you did not bother to read) so we can’t blame the EU for that either. WE facilitated and allowed all this. Election-Promise Idiots saying “we will constrain immigration to 100K p.a.” with the full knowledge they can not do this caused it, as did (incredibly) simultaneous reduction of our Border Force! So. Don’t blame the immigrants etc, blame The System, OK? So, what exactly did you expect and what did YOU do about it? Do you think Brexit will resolve all this retrospectively? (It won’t). I saw Teresa on TV the other night saying ‘we all just have to work together’ – so that’s alright then (whilst Cameron, who also caused this, has faded into the shadows).

      It would be especially beneficial if you could/can explain how your described all these concerns of yours with your local MPs before they happened!

      1. Someonewhocares

        I meant to add this information earlier in response to Alf’s list of ‘demands’:


        ie. ‘Surprise Surprise’ -There are currently CENTRAL GOVERNMENT-imposed limits on fines:
        This may eventually change but don’t expect a fine of ~£100 to suddenly increase to £1000!

  7. Billy Bong

    The thing is South Harrow is simply a shit hole full of shit people, and Harrow council is corrupt in issuing bus lane and parking fines to motorists. The worst Council in London.

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