Aug 17 2011

Anti-social behaviour around South Harrow station

This email arrived a few days ago:

I am disgusted to see people publicly urinating in the alleyway between South Harrow bus station and the car park adjacent to Pentax House. Sometimes I find excrement as well near the walls. I have seen many individuals doing this vile and disgusting behaviour. We need action to prevent this activity. There are no CCTV cameras in the alleyway itself.

The writer is absolutely correct – and this seems to be something on the increase of late. The question really is, what can we do to stop this? Because of anti-social activities in public toilets and cost-cutting measures (not just in Harrow, but across the rest of the UK), public toilets are becoming more and more a thing of the past – and those that do remain seem to be open for fewer hours. But would an accessibly public toilet resolve this problem? Perhaps not.

We’ll pass the details onto both Harrow Council and Roxeth’s local police Safer Neighbourhood Teams for comment, and see if they have any ideas. It’s not likely to be a quick solution though.

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