Jul 11 2012

Antisocial Behaviour in Primrose Close to Eastcote Lane footpath

Residents in and around Primrose Close and Eastcote Lane, South Harrow, have a number of problems with anti-social behaviour by a small minority of groups around the Primrose Close to Eastcote Lane footpath.

According to a petition, signed by 65 people, and presented to the Council, there are “…groups congregating in this area, drinking, swearing, smoking, drug taking, couples coupling, graffiti, detritus, using the area as a lavatory, intimidating residents and rubbish being dumped that have included cooking oil, fridges, building materials, televisions and carpets.”

Whilst we don’t have an answer, it’s certainly worth each and every resident reporting – again and again as necessary – to the local Police SNT each and every time that they feel anti-social behaviour happens there – the team can be contacted on 0208 721 3161. Make enough noise, and eventually it’ll receive the attention it deserves.


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