Apr 06 2012

Beware of Bogus Workmen in Harrow

Has anyone been knocking on your door, claiming there’s a problem with leaking water and burst pipes?  Have you seen anyone in your area acting suspiciously?

In the last few days, Harrow Police received two reports of bogus workmen calling at addresses in the Chartley Avenue and Everton Drive area of Stanmore.  On both occasions the workmen duped their way into the homes of elderly people convincing them that they had problems with leaking water.  The suspects then tried to convince the homeowners that they would have to pay up front a large amount of cash to sort the problem.

Thankfully on both occasions neither of the elderly people parted with any cash.  The suspects did however manage to steal a quantity of cash from a wallet in the house in Everton Drive.

The suspects were all described as being white, aged between 30 and 45.  No further descriptions are available and no vehicle was seen.

Please be on the look out for anyone acting suspiciously in your neighbourhood.  If you know of any elderly neighbours please warn them against bogus workmen cold calling on them.

If you hear anything or see anyone acting suspiciously, please call police immediately on 999.

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