Apr 02 2012

Borough Commander’s Blog – April 2, 2012

Chief Superintendent Dal Babu’s weekly Blog…

Last weekend I was on call and had a busy night duty working across London. Part of my role was policing the Embassies’ security which involved re-assessing the risk and re-deploying officers across London to other crime hot spots.

Whilst on night duty in Harrow, I was impressed with PC Aimee Dupree who was dealing with a drunk driver who had crashed into a car in Kenton road . All the cars involved in the incident were written off. PC Dupree, despite the cold and the fact it was two o’ clock in the early hours of the morning, remained extremely positive and focused on ensuring the safety of the passengers of the vehicle which had been struck by the drunk driver. Watching PC Dupree dealing with this incident reminded me of the diversity of our roles as police officers.

“Please be aware of a scam that has been reported to us this week.”

We have all been enjoying the recent spell of warm weather. Please ensure that when you are in your garden, especially at the back of the house, that all your windows and doors at the front of the house are locked and secured. Burglars are opportunists and will use any method of gaining entry to a house whilst you are otherwise distracted. As you have heard us say before over 52% of burglaries occur through open doors and windows.

I had a meeting with Inspector Dave Burgum from D team whose officers made some very good arrests of burglars and robbers last week. His team is extremely focused and positive, and at their parade I was able to thank all of the officers for their hard work in helping to keep Harrow a safe borough.

I would like to warn you of a scam that has been reported to us this week. Someone pretending to be from your bank calls you, claiming that they have noticed some unusual transactions on your account. They usually ask if you have placed a high value order for goods or withdrawn a large amount of cash from an ATM. When you tell them no, they tell you that they believe your card has been used fraudulently and in order for them to make safe the account, you will have to return your card to the bank. They then say that to make it easier for you they will send a courier from the bank to your home address to collect your cards and PIN. Please do not fall victim to this scam. Do not divulge any of your bank account details or PIN over the phone to anyone, and do not hand over any bank cards to anyone who calls at your door. If you are in any doubt, we would advise you to call your bank to seek their advice.

I confirmed PC Daniella Zenga this week who spoke very movingly about combining a challenging police role with looking after her father. I am sure Mr Zenga is very proud of having Daniella as a daughter and of her role as a Metropolitan police officer.

Sergeant John Bloxham received his long service and good conduct medal for 22 years of outstanding service. Sergeant Bloxham is one of Harrow’s characters, having worked as an actor prior to joining the Metropolitan Police Service. One of his early roles was playing Ronald McDonald in advertisements.

I passed on my best wishes to PCSO Lucy Wicks who is transferring to Ealing to become a police constable. PC Wicks is a bright and articulate young woman and will be a big loss for the borough. Lucy has been working with Hatch End School and will miss the excellent relationships she has built with the pupils and teachers there.

I was also sad to hear that Senior Probation Officer, Marc Khan was leaving Harrow Probation Service to take up a new role in Southwark. I attended Marc’s leaving event where he received a positive send off from his colleagues.

It was a real pleasure and honour for Harrow’s Krishna Avanti School to host the Queen’s visit to Harrow. This was also an amazing honour for the people of Harrow to host this visit where we were able to celebrate the diversity of our borough with the Queen.

I attended the Harrow Youth Parliament election this week which was held in the Council Chambers at the Civic Centre. Also in attendance was the leader of Harrow Council, Bill Stephenson. The quality of the debate from these articulate young people was excellent and Harrow certainly has a lot to be proud of as we see the emergence of our next generation of politicians. The election process was very well organised and run entirely by young people. The new elected Members of Youth Parliament (MYP) are Lagan Dirie, Robert Walmsley and the Chair is Hannah Nathanson.

I will be on leave for the next couple of weeks to celebrate my daughter Shanti’s birthday; like all dads I am very proud of my girls. We are going to New York to celebrate and I appreciate this will be very expensive! My normal holidays involve, cycling and staying in bed and breakfast establishments. I was personally hoping Shanti would agree to go cycling to Kings Lynn but I suppose a young woman turning 18 deserves a little luxury.

Detective Superintendent Neil Wilson will be writing the blog for the next couple of weeks.

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