Feb 27 2012

Borough Commander’s Blog – February 27, 2012

Chief Superintendent Dal Babu’s weekly Blog…

This week the Mayor of Harrow and the Deputy Lord Lieutenant John Purnell attended Harrow Police Station to unveil a plaque to Harrow police officers who have passed away in the last three years. This was a very sad occasion, but also an opportunity to celebrate the enormous commitment police officers have made to Harrow. I was particularly moved by Catriona Swadling who attended with her sisters and PC Ian Swadlings’s parents.

PC Ian Swadling died after he came off his motorcycle last year on his way home after completing his late turn shift. Catriona has been so incredibly brave. Ian left a three year old son, Jack and a daughter, Olivia who was born after his death. I reassured the families that PC Ian Swadling would never be forgotten by his colleagues or the community of Harrow. Catriona is an amazing woman with an fantastic family and I was pleased to meet her sisters and nephews and nieces at the unvelling of the plaque.

…an opportunity to celebrate the enormous commitment police officers have made.

I went out to the scene of a burglary where officers had arrested two burglars after a brief chase. B Team officers were amazing – PC Jason Gould, PC Andy Edwards, PC Kim Cruse, PC Tom Watson, PC Jonathan Pritchard along with PC Charli Cathpole and PC Phil Graves from the Safer Neighbourhoods Teams ensured that these crimnals will not be causing misery to any other householders in the near future.

I was so proud of the officers and the victim was in tears and extremely grateful that the officers had caught the thieves and recovered stolen property.

I did notice that the house targetted by the burglars had just one lock on the front door which was prised open very easily. Please ensure you have strong locks on your doors and windows. Leave low energy lights on and leave a radio on when you are out of the house.

I am pleased to see that Harrow Street Pastors was officially launched at a commissioning service held in the Council Chamber of the Civic Centre and attended by over 150 people from local churches, council representatives, police representatives and the Mayor.

There are now 10 trained Street Pastors ready to patrol the streets of Harrow on Friday nights from 10 pm to 4 am with the aim of “caring, listening and helping” those in the community that they meet. The Street Pastors will be patrolling the main town centre area in Harrow and along the main road to Wealdstone.

They will have kit bags to respond to individuals’ needs (flip-flops, blankets, water, lollies, etc), and signposting information to local services.

The plan is for the Street Pastors to be linked in to the town centre radio scheme, but until then the Street Street Pastors can be contacted via 07880 547055 (Duty Street Pastor) or 07796 432 320 (Street Pastor Coordinator) or via email at harrow@streetpastors.org.uk.

PC Martin Greaves and DC Justin Scott in Harrow Police’s Payback Unit are celebrating another success as drug dealer Russell Henry who was sentenced to six years’ imprisonment in January was this week forced to repay over £6,000 under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

The order was made at Brent Magistrates Court on 21 February 2012.

Drug dealers in particularly should be aware that we will use all powers at our disposal to convict them and to recover any assets bought with the proceeds of crime, including their cars and property.

Tina Richardson, one of the Harrow police typists brought her son Ben and her niece Holly to Harrow Police Staion and were given a tour of the station during the recent half term holidays. They tried on my uniform and enjoyed sitting in the police cars. I received a lovely card from the children thanking Harrow police for a really enjoyable visit.

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