Feb 06 2012

Borough Commander’s Blog – February 6, 2012

Chief Superintendent Dal Babu’s weekly Blog…

It’s always a pleasure to be sharing positive news, and I was delighted to start the week by thanking PC Glen Johnson for the excellent way in which he handled a recent case of domestic violence. Glen used his experience and drew on his extensive local knowledge to ensure that the victim was fully supported throughout the case and aware of the support services available to her. He also worked closely with the Mental Health team in ensuring that the suspect was dealt appropriately.

I have been encouraging all officers to check the IMEI numbers on the mobile phones of everyone they arrest or stop. So far, we have recovered several stolen phones and identified many phones that have unfortunately been stolen and then sold on to innocent buyers. Checking IMEI numbers is an important tool in the police armoury, as over 40% of mobile phone robberies occur in London.

To find your IMEI number enter *#06# into your phone and make a note of the number. If your phone is then lost or stolen you can call your provider and instruct them to block the phone using the IMEI number.

I attended a Neighbourhood Champions meeting in North Harrow last week on what was a bitterly cold evening and was pleasantly surprised to see over 30 Neighbourhood Champions, who had braved the weather to come along and discuss the scheme. As some of you will be aware, Neighbourhood Champions are volunteers who have been recruited to help the police and Harrow Council to reduce crime and anti social behaviour. I am very excited with the level of support we have had from our Neighbourhood Champions. In the last few weeks they have helped us identify three people we wanted to speak to in connection with a burglary and have also found a vehicle which was used by known burglars.

“Checking IMEI numbers is an important tool in the police armoury.”

We now have over 1200 Neighbourhood Champions, three of whom are elected councillors, and our goal is that we recruit one champion for every street on the borough. Some of you are already aware of who your street Champions are and we are encouraging those Champions, who haven’t already done so, to make contact with the residents in their streets. If you are interested in becoming a Neighbourhood Champion please look at Harrow Council’s website or speak to your local Safer Neighbourhoods Team who are recruiting on their wards.

I attended the London Prevent Board which examines how we deal with violent extremism. This was a very productive meeting which reassured me that London is working across a range of agencies and communities to deal with people who want to cause harm to our communities.

Last Thursday we took part in ‘Operation Cubo,’ which was a pan London operation, aimed at targeting uninsured drivers. Chief Inspector Russell Hughes led the operation on Harrow borough which resulted in 195 vehicles being stopped and 14 vehicles being seized. 35 fixed penalty fines were issued and also £2,000 in unpaid court fines was recovered. This was an excellent result which sends out a strong message that driving without insurance is an offence and we will seize the cars of those who ignore the law.

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