Jan 16 2012

Borough Commander’s Blog – January 16, 2012

Chief Superintendent Dal Babu’s weekly Blog…

Harrow borough was honoured to host the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe on his visit to north west London this week, which included visits to Brent and Barnet. The Commissioner had an interesting conversation with a group of pupils from Harrow High School who asked challenging questions regarding the Stephen Lawrence enquiry, Stop and Search and the relationship between the police and young people. The Commissioner and I were impressed with the quality of questions and the level of interaction. Harrow High School is a great school and I thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to listen to the concerns of our young people.

Later that evening, the Commissioner took questions from members of the public from the three boroughs and the future of Safer Neighbourhoods Teams featured in many of the questions. The Commissioner made it very clear that he values the Safer Neighbourhoods Teams and the contribution they make to our community.

This week we have arrested some prolific burglars and robbers.

I am pleased to see so many of our Special Constables and Police Cadets giving up their evenings and weekends to support police operations across Harrow, in particular I wanted to mention the Pollard family from Harrow. They are an amazing family who all volunteer and give a great deal of time to our community. Steve Pollard is a Neighbourhood Champion and his two daughters, Issy and Jess Pollard are Harrow Police Cadets. Mrs Pollard is an amazing cake maker and I am looking forward to Issy and Jess bringing some samples to the next police cadet evening.

I met with ex-Metropolitan police officer, Mavis Hoyle and PC Daniella Zenga to discuss support for older members of our community in Harrow. Mavis is a tenacious campaigner who works across the country ensuring organisations support older members of our community in Harrow and beyond. Mavis has led a fascinating life and I was intrigued to hear about her time as one of the first women officers in the Metropolitan Police Service.

This week we have arrested some prolific burglars and robbers after some excellent work by the Burglary Unit and B Team officers. My advice around burglaries is:

  • Please ensure your doors and windows are locked
  • Make your home look occupied when you are out by leaving a low level energy bulb or radio on
  • Use property marking offered free by our Safer Neighbourhood Teams and Harrow Council.

If you have any information on people committing burglaries please contact your local Safer Neighbourhoods Team or Crimestoppers anonymously

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