Jan 10 2012

Borough Commander’s Blog – January 9, 2012

Chief Superintendent Dal Babu’s weekly Blog…

I would like to take this opportunity to wish readers of this blog a Happy New Year. I hope you have recovered from the Christmas break.

I attended Brent Magistrates Court on Christmas Eve to obtain a closure notice for the Letchford Arms in Headstone Lane on the same day. I will not hesitate to close public houses that cause nuisance for our residents in Harrow. If you are experiencing problems because of a pub or bar, please let us know.

Thankfully most licensed venues in Harrow are well run and provide an excellent service.

I went to Wales for the New Year and had a great time going out walking and cycling in some fantastic countryside. I am proud to say that I managed a 5 mile run every morning along the coastal path.

The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service, Bernard Hogan-Howe has invited residents of Barnet, Brent and Harrow to come and talk to him at Harrow High School, Gayton Road on Wednesday 11 January.

Residents of the three boroughs have the opportunity to hear Commissioner Hogan-Howe speak about his vision for policing in London and share their thoughts and ideas with him.

I want to emphasise the importance of making sure your homes are secure.

I was pleased that the Commissioner chose Harrow High School for his three-borough roadshow which is an opportunity for us in Harrow to showcase our young people and the excellent schools we have here.

I welcomed PCSO Lawrence Campbell to Harrow this week. He is a biology graduate and will be a great asset to Harrow on the Hill Safer Neighbourhoods Team under the guidance of Sergeant Pete Law. Prior to joining Harrow, PCSO Campbell spent the last two years working on response teams in Paddington Green.

I attended the Harrow Race Hate Forum this week and was pleased to see that Harrow’s reputation as the most religiously diverse borough in the country has led to innovative work on how we tackle online hate crime. Harrow’s communities do get on together, and I want to ensure that all our communities feel confident that the police and the council will deal with any allegations of race hate crime seriously and bring the perpetrators to justice.

To combat burglary in Harrow, I want to emphasise the importance of making sure your homes are secure.

Please follow the four pieces of advice:

  • Make sure your homes look occupied – leave low energy lights or a radio on when you go out.
  • Ensure doors and windows are kept locked and secure.
  • Take advantage of free SmartWater property marking through your local Safer Neighbourhoods Team
  • If you suspect someone you know may be involved in burglary or handling stolen goods, tell your Safer Neighbourhoods Team, call police on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously.

Theon Goonetilleke aged 24 of Elton Avenue, Greenford was issued with an £80 fine for wasting police time after falsely reporting that he had been robbed of his mobile phone. Goonetilleke told officers that someone approached him from behind and grabbed his Iphone 4 out of his hand as he walked along Melville Road, Ealing on Wednesday 4 January.

When questioned further by officers from Harrow’s Robbery Squad, inconsistencies started to appear in his story and Goonetilleke then admitted to officers that he was lying.

He went on to tell the officers that he had lost his phone whilst quad biking on holiday in Dubai and needed a crime reference number for the insurance company as he wasn’t insured for loss only.

We are seeing this time and time again where members of the public, who have lost their phones, falsely report that they have been robbed in order to get a crime reference number so they can claim from their insurance companies.

This is a complete waste of valuable police resources and I am determined to name and shame anybody who commits such an offence. My officers thoroughly investigate all crimes and anyone found to be making a false allegation will be punished accordingly.

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