Mar 13 2012

Borough Commander’s Blog – March 12, 2012

Chief Superintendent Dal Babu’s weekly Blog…

PC Graham Willerton retires this week and will be a huge loss for the Metropolitan Police Service and Harrow Borough. Graham has worked with young people particularly around football projects and is keen to continue working with and inspiring young people in retirement. I will be going to his retirement party where he will be joined by colleagues and his family and friends.

Last week I met with the interim Head of Safeguarding Children, Deborah Lightfoot who impressed me with her detailed knowledge of Safeguarding issue across the country. I have decided that safeguarding children will be a standing agenda for my Senior Management Team meetings. We discussed the possibility of holding Safeguarding meetings in local community venues and I look forward to seeing if this can be arranged.

“This excellent example of improving Safeguarding children”

I chaired our Senior Management Meeting in which we looked at how we can improve the service we provide to the communities of Harrow. The key issue is to make sure we do not work in ‘silos’ and maximise our opportunities to work with Harrow Council, the voluntary sector and our diverse communities. I will be sharing this vision with my colleagues over the next few months in face-to-face meetings with all police personnel.

Assistant Commissioner Simon Byrne who is in charge of all Metropolitan Police Boroughs visited the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) in Harrow Civic Centre and met with police officers, police staff and social workers to look at this excellent example of improving Safeguarding children. In essence this will ensure that the key staff who work to keep children are safe are based in one office.

I attended another Neighbourhood Champion training session this week and was pleased to see that local people who want to make our borough a safe place continue to come forward and volunteer their time. If you are interested in becoming a Neighbourhood Champion please go to the Harrow Council website search for Neighbourhood Champions.

I confirmed PC Elaine Jackson – an excellent officer who was in a previous life both a Butlin’s Red Coat and pub landlady. These experiences have helped PC Jackson to deal with boisterous late night drinkers. I was lucky enough to be driven by PC Jackson to an emergency call last year – amongst her many skills she is a very impressive driver .

I met with Marc Lyall and Fiyaz Mugal who have launched a new campaign to reduce Islamaphobic attacks. ” Tell MAMA ” is based on the Jewish Community Security Trust idea and you can find more details at their site by clicking here.

I presented PCSO Danny Lyons with Borough Commander’s Commendation for arresting a burglar. This was an excellent piece of policing and PCSO Lyons was rightly proud of catching a criminal running away from the scene of a burglary.

Source: Metropolitan Police

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