Mar 19 2012

Borough Commander’s Blog – March 19, 2012

Chief Superintendent Dal Babu’s weekly Blog…  It’s been a busy week – I have been meeting with police staff discussing the proposals from Scotland Yard regarding criminal justice administration locally. This will mean that some local police staff will be required to move to new criminal justice units, whilst other police staff in Harrow involved in criminal justice administration will perform slightly different roles. I will be meeting with staff on a regular basis as we move forward with these changes.

I had mixed feelings when I attended Inspector Chris Paice’s last tour of duty on Thursday night. On the one hand, I felt very disappointed to be losing an excellent officer who has completed 30 years’ service and is now moving to the Midlands. On the other hand I fully understand that he will be enjoying a well deserved break and taking on new challenges in his retirement. I have been very impressed with Inspector Paice, having previously worked with him in Kings Cross where we dealt with gang issues.

Chris has had a varied career working across London dealing with public disorder and helping to set up The National Mobile Phone Crime Unit. He has been a real asset to this borough and on his last parade before night duty I met his family and C Team to present him with a book of photographs that will remind him of his time in the police. This will be a fantastic opportunity for Chris to look back at his career and be rightly proud of his time in the Metropolitan Police Service and particularly as team inspector in Harrow.

PC Jamie Gatt is a natural “Thief taker.” He has the ability to smell out a villain at 100 yards and is always in the thick of events. I was very pleased to see PC Gatt’s recent arrests have included burglars and handlers of stolen goods. I am expecting his work rate to increase even further now he has passed the Metropolitan Police Service’s prestigious pursuit driving course and will be getting to the scene of incidents quickly and safely. Harrow residents should be very pleased that we have such high quality officers patrolling our streets arresting criminals and keeping us safe.

PC Gatt’s recent arrests have included burglars and handlers of stolen goods.

I went out on patrol with Harrow Probation Service’s Marc Khan and the newly formed Integrated Offender Management Unit. This is a joint police and probation unit that targets persistent offenders offering the carrot and stick approach. Quite simply: stop offending and we will support you, continue offending and expect to go back to prison. It is very important for offenders to see police and probation working closely together to stop crime.

I chaired a meeting of the Safer Harrow Management Group this week in which we discussed a range of subjects all linked to ensuring that Harrow remains a safe borough. This is a positive opportunity for me to meet senior officers from across Harrow Council, Probation, the Voluntary Sector and Health Services.

We have seen an increase in theft from motor vehicles.

  • Always remember to lock your vehicle and keep your keys in a safe place at all times.
  • When you park your car remove mobile phones, stereos, MP3 , iphones etc and other obvious valuables.
  • Remove satellite navigation systems and clean the suction marks from your dash or windscreen.
  • Always close the windows and sunroof, lock the doors and activate any security devices when leaving your car unattended – even if you intend to be gone for just a short while.
  • If you must park on the roadside, where possible park in a busy or well-lit area.
  • Don’t be seen hiding things in your car before setting off on a walk (placing a handbag in the boot of your car at a beauty spot, for instance).
  • Mark property with SmartWater available free from Safer Neighbourhood Teams
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