Nov 20 2011

Borough Commander’s Blog – November 18, 2011

Chief Superintendent Dal Babu’s weekly Blog…

The new Commissioner, Bernard Hogan-Howe has directed all of London’s 32 boroughs to focus on seizing uninsured cars and Operation Cubo has been set up across London. On Tuesday in Harrow 96 vehicles were stopped and 5 cars without insurance were seized. This initiative will be used on top of the regular initiatives local officers undertake to deal with uninsured vehicles. Police are able to check instantly whether a vehicle is insured using Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras and technology.

Chief Inspector Russell Hughes, who led the operation in Harrow said: “This is a wonderful opportunity for us to target those who drive illegally in unroadworthy cars.”

This week is Road Safety Week and we will be carrying out operations across the borough aimed at young motorists to keep them and other road users safe. Increasingly young people are learning to drive at the earliest opportunity and it is important that they understand that road safety for them and other road users must be paramount.

Harrow on the Hill Safer Neighbourhoods Team have been visiting Harrow pawnbrokers alongside partners from Trading Standards to catch burglars trying to sell on stolen property. The officers are checking property against our database of stolen property and are looking for traces of SmartWater on property offered for sale.

Please take remember to leave a low energy light and radio on in the house when you are out . Please see further crime prevention advice on this website or speak o you local Safer Neighbourhoods Team.

I attended the Achievement Awards for Children Looked After and Care Leavers and was truly humbled by the amazing talent and determination of the young people. Many of them had overcome huge challenges but were still obtaining excellent results in their GCSEs. I was particularly impressed by one young man who wanted to be a police officer and I have invited him to spend the day with me on the beat in Harrow.

I am disappointed to be losing DC Aman Dhaliwal who is an officer of huge integrity and courage. He will be working in a specialist crime unit dealing with crime across London and leaving Harrow shortly . DC Dhaliwal is young and ambitious and is name worth looking out for as he continues along his career in Metropolitan Police Service.

The challenge to all of us in the the public sector is to use our resources effectively and deliver quality service to the communities we serve. I am becoming increasing concerned about the number of false reports of crime being reported to police , which result in officers spending valuable time and precious resources investigating crimes that simply did not occur.

In one such case, Ravi Mahidaria aged 24 of Cavendish Drive, Harrow contacted police to report that he had gone outside his home to smoke in the early hours of 9 November when he was approached by a group of up to six men. He claimed that they punched him in the stomach and stole his wrist watch.

Mahidaria later admitted to Investigating officer, Trainee Detective Constable Pete Bragg that he had gone outside to smoke and thought “this is a good place to get robbed”.

He explained that he had said his watch had been stolen because the strap was broken and he wanted to claim back for a new one!

Mahidaria was fined £80 for wasting police time.

In another more convoluted false robbery report, Kishan Pravin Kara aged 19 of Hunters Grove, Harrow told police that he had been robbed at knifepoint on Thursday 13 October. He said that during this robbery the two suspects had taken his wallet, his driving licence and a bank statement .

Kara said that he “did not bother” to report this incident to police or call 999 at the time, but claimed that days later, he had received a letter from a loan company informing him that several hundred pounds had been taken out in his name and that this amount had been credited to his bank account. He went on to claim that this money was then withdrawn, using his stolen debit card, from a cash point in Wealdstone.

Following an investigation by officers from Harrow Crime Squad, Kara admitted to Acting Police Sergeant Tony McGovern that he had taken out the loan because he was low on cash and had fabricated the robbery report to deceive the loan company in order to try to get his loan written off!

Kara was fined £80 for wasting police time and received a police caution for fraud.

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