Oct 17 2011

Borough Commander’s Blog – October 17, 2011

Chief Superintendent Dal Babu’s weekly Blog…

This week sees the start of the Met Police’s Autumn Nights crime prevention campaign. Historically, this is the time of year when we see an increase in burglaries. With the nights drawing in, please follow some simple crime prevention advice which will help to make your home more secure and make life more difficult for burglars:

  • Close and lock all your doors and windows, even if you are only going out for a few minutes.
  • Make sure UPVC doors are properly locked with a key.
  • Leave lights and a radio on when you are not at home.
  • Invest in timer switches, place them in different rooms in your home and set them to come on at different times.
  • If you arrive home from work after dark, ensure that your timer switches are set to come on before it gets dark.
  • Make sure that any valuables are out of sight.
  • Don’t leave your car keys or ID documents near doors, windows or your letterbox.
  • Make sure the side and/or back gate is locked.
  • Lock your shed or garage.

Burglars have told us they can easily spot a house where no one is at home – don’t make your home an easy target.

This week I confirmed three officers who have completed their probation: PC Huseyin Elhasoglu, a Safer Neighbourhoods Officer, who speaks fluent Turkish and is thoroughly enjoying his role, PC Ong, one our Safer Schools Officers who “loves” her role working within the local schools and PC Haque, a Response Team Officer who is balancing work with looking after his young children. PC Haque is also a keen keep-fit fan and spends some of his spare time in the gym. This week’s confirmations reflects the changes in recent years to the Metropolitan Police Service and how we have become more representative of the communities we serve.

False reporting

I was saddened to hear of yet another incident of false reporting this week. Unemployed, Anita Vinson, aged 53 of Antoney’s Close, Pinner was fined on 10 October for wasting police time after falsely reporting that she had been robbed of her handbag in Montesole Park, Pinner on 1 August.

Police checked the details of the mobile phone that she claimed had been stolen in the alleged robbery and found that it had been sold to the Computer Exchange in Harrow town centre on 20 September. When police checked with the Computer Exchange, the phone was still at the store.

It is vital that police resources are directed at genuine victims of crime and I shall continue to ‘name and shame’ people who make false robbery reports for financial gain.

Improved communications

As Borough Commander of Harrow Police I realise the importance of keeping you, the community of Harrow, informed and up to date with police actions, activities and outcomes. You can visit our revamped website at www.met.police/harrow to find out the latest news and appeals.

You can also sign up to Neighbourhood Link. This is a free messaging service that enables you to regularly receive information from the Metropolitan Poilce Service. This information will be in relation to crime and safety in the areas you work and live. To register please visit: www.neighbourhoodlink.met.police.uk

In addition to Neighbourhood Link we now have a Twitter account which we are using to give regular updates, news and information about Harrow Police. You can follow us @MPSHarrow.

And finally, policing is full of surprises – it was over 25 years ago since I last directed traffic, that was until I came across a minor collision between a heavy goods vehicle and a car at the Bessborough roundabout, in the centre of Harrow, on Friday. Thankfully the collision wasn’t serious, neither parties were injured and my ten minutes of traffic duties meant there wasn’t too much disruption to the traffic flow either.

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