Sep 21 2011

Borough Commander’s blog – September 20, 2011

Borough Commander’s blog

20 September 2011

Harrow Police are pleased to welcome the new Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe and look forward to him visiting the borough. Police officers, staff and volunteers will continue to work tirelessly to reduce victims of crime and increase confidence in our communities .

This time of year traditionally sees a small increase in robberies and burglaries. We want to work with you to ensure that you do not become a victim of crime.

Harrow is London’s most religiously diverse borough and includes London’s largest Hindu community. Our crime prevention campaign is relevant to all communities and all Harrow residents. As autumn is festival season for many religions, we will be visiting places of worship across the borough to communicate our message. I urge you to follow some simple crime prevention advice to reduce the opportunities for burglars and robbers.

This year we are looking to work with pharmacies across Harrow to help get the crime prevention message across to some of the more vulnerable members of the community.

Mr Dhimant Patel owner of Healthways Chemist in Rayners Lane has already offered to include a police booklet with crime prevention advice to all his customers. He said:

“I am delighted to be helping Harrow Police spread this important crime prevention message. This is a very effective way of letting our customers know how they can protect themselves, their property and their valuables.”

The advice contained in the cards is as follows:


  • Staying safe is about listening and being aware of what and who’s around you.
  • Keep your jewellery covered when you are in public places.
  • Wear you bag across your body, so that it opens on the side facing you.
  • If somebody does try to snatch you bag or your jewellery, let it go and don’t fight to keep it – you’re less likely to be hurt.
  • Don’t take short cuts through dark places. Walk in the middle of the pavement facing the traffic, so vehicles can’t follow you.


  • Intruder alarms are the best deterrent against burglary because burglars don’t want to be seen or heard. If you have an intruder alarm, remember to set it when you go out.
  • Close and lock all easily accessible doors and windows when you go out or go to bed, especially those next to flat roofs and large downpipes.
  • Always lift the handle to engage the door locks. If you have a UPVC front or back door with a multi-locking mechanism, lock it with the key and remove it. Remember to put the key in a safe place out of sight, but within easy reach in case of fire.
  • Timer switches linked to lights and a radio will make your home look and sound occupied.
  • A small safe securely fixed to a solid surface will protect valuables and sentimental items.
  • Property mark valuables with your postcode and house name or number.
  • Photograph your jewellery separately against a plain, dark background and include a ruler in the picture to indicate actual size.

Harrow police are proud to support London Week of Peace which is aimed at reducing crime and promoting good citizenship across London. Sergeant Lorraine Warren and the Queensbury Safer Neighbourhoods Team have arranged activities for young people at Centenary Park, Culver Grove, Stanmore on Saturday 24 September, 12 – 4pm to support the week. You can find more details on this website.

I confirmed PC Steve Downing (pictured above) who has completed his 2 year probation. PC Downing is very proud of his role as a police officer and is committed to serving our communities in Harrow.

Source: Metropolitan Police

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