Sep 12 2011

Burglary in Field End Road

As the nights start to draw in, we hear of a recent burglary in Field End Road, near to the parade of shops at the roundabout on the junction of Field End Road, Victoria Road and Eastcote Lane. I’m told that images of the suspected burglar were captured on a neighbours security CCTV system and have been handed to the police, so with luck, he’ll be having his collar felt by the long arm of the law shortly.

It’s worth mentioning, again and again, that most burglaries happen because a door or a window – no matter how small – has been left open. And it only takes a few minutes to happen.

If you absolutely need to keep a window open – even at night, whilst you sleep – if there’s any chance at all that it could be used to gain access to your property, we’d suggest you visit a locksmith and enquire about restricted locking devices, so that you can open the window ajar, but no more, without a key.

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