Feb 07 2011

Crime Mapping in South Harrow

Last week saw the launch of the new Police crime mapping service. This allows you to enter a postcode, street, address, etc, and see what crimes have been reported in and around your area, right down to street level.  As with most Government IT projects, it failed spectacularly at launch as, presumably, lots of people tried to log on and see what the fuss was about, but now, a few days later, things seems to have settled down.

I picked a postcode right in the middle of South Harrow, and got told that in December 2010, the following crimes were reported:

  • Burglary – 58
  • Anti-social behaviour – 167
  • Robbery – 3
  • Vehicle Crime – 36
  • Violent crime – 81
  • Other crime – 124

…which gives a total of 469 crimes.  As with all statistics, these can mean very little out of context: is this good? bad? better than last month? And so on.  However, what it does do is allow you to display the crimes on a chart.  I’ve taken just burglary, and plotted it onto the chart above (you can click to enlarge it).  However, as you use the website and zoom in, those 2’s, 3’s and 4’s turn into 1’s giving you a greater picture, and increased clarity, as to where crime is occurring.

If you’ve got time on your hands, you can download the data directly, and use it yourself.  Or, you can download the application to your iPhone or Android mobile phones. Click here for the Roxeth-specific page on the site.

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