Dec 25 2011

Calling Time on Crime this Christmas

It’s lonely this Christmas in The Letchford Arms, after the pub licensee was today served with a Closure Notice by Harrow Borough commander Chief Superintendent Dal Babu.

Chief Superintendent Dal Babu, said: “We have evidence of recent unreported violence in The Letchford Arms and there is a strong probability of that violence reoccurring. This pub has been a blight on the local community and I am delighted that we have taken the action we have today.

“Licensees have nothing to fear if they run orderly pubs, however, if they operate badly controlled pubs they can expect the full weight of the law.

“Closing on Christmas Eve will have a significant financial impact on this business and we are seeking a review from Harrow Council’s Licensing Committee at the earliest opportunity.

“Thankfully most licensees are law abiding and run excellent businesses, however, the small minority should be mindful of the consequences of not adhering to the law.”

Source: Harrow Police

Footnote: Back in 2009, there was much talk about new owners smartening the pub up, clearing away the drugs problems, and turning into a nice, traditional pub. Shame they’ve failed, and, perhaps, shame that Harrow Police took this chance for a PR stunt with their Borough Command himself turning out of Christmas Eve to do it.

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