Oct 24 2011

Cash Machine fraud devices found in Pinner, Stanmore and Wealdstone

Harrow’s Metropolitan Police have reported today that three more cash machine in the area have been found to have been tampered with and fraud devices installed onto them. They’ve not been specific but we know there are a number of ways that criminal steal cards and numbers, either by trapping the card in the slot, or capturing the card details as it’s inserted. Either a small camera attached to the machine, or a criminal lurking nearby will record the PIN number.

The picture here shows just how small, and how unobtrusive, such a device is.

The Met’s advice is clear: If you suspect a device has been placed on an ATM do not attempt to move it. The suspects may be nearby and use violence if their device is likely to be interfered with. Call the police or contact the bank, if it is open, immediately.

A page full of good advice is here.

Our advice would be to use ATMs inside bank branches wherever possible, or, ATMs in well lit and busy public places. And if you have any suspicion about a machine, don’t use it. It goes without saying that you should never reveal your PIN to anyone (not even your bank, if if they tell you they know any of the digits of it). In fact, if your bank do call you, ask fro the callers name and extension and call them back on a number which you know to be your bank: don’t rely on a phone number given to you over the phone – it could just as easily be another criminal.

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