Jul 13 2012

Crime rate up in Harrow

Figures just out from the Metropolitan Police show that crime is on the increase in Harrow.

Over the last three months, there have been an increase of 10% between April and May, and a further increase of 3% between May and June. This contrasts with a May-to-June reduction of 3% across the Met’s area as a whole: London crime drops, but Harrow’s increases.

But are any areas worse than others? Well, yes, the town centre obviously sees much more than the rest of the borough, mostly anti-social behaviour (45% of the crime in that ward) and violence against the person (20%). The top three areas, with the highest crime rate are:

  • Greenhill, Marlborough and Queensbury

The lowest three wards are:

  • West Harrow, Rayners Lane and Headstone North.

You can get all the details here, direct from the Met, and work out your own statistics, right down to your own street.


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